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D230 Mission/Values

No description

Becca R.

on 26 August 2015

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Transcript of D230 Mission/Values

Successful? Kids are not even prepared for college.
All of District 230 is failing to prepare students for the future and become independent.

The District's "claims and values" are failed attempts to equip students with the necessary tools and skills students need to learn.
Honestly, no one stops in the hallways to read these.
District 230 is failing on providing the students with enough information on clubs, activities, and help.

Many kids do not realize that they can go to The Center if they just need a quiet place to study.

Reason #1
District 230 does not prepare students for college life.
Reason #3
D230 "Missions/Values"
In the Mission/Value support, D230 claims to "graduate young adults prepared to realize their life-long potential in an ever-changing world."

Reason #2
The Mission Statement is attempting to say that
While interviewing a freshman, Anna, she claimed that many of her friends and herself had no idea that some sports began before the school year even started.
This year a girl on the tennis team did not realize that tryouts began two days before school, instead of the usual one day before.
As a whole, the schools in the District never teach kids "real-life skills" such as
Many teachers still use the "old" way of teaching through basic memorization and reading the textbook

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