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Vocabulary words 11-20

No description

Chelsea Hill

on 20 March 2015

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Transcript of Vocabulary words 11-20

the boundary of an area, an object, or a geometric figure, especially a circle.
Something that has been prepared by putting several thing together; a mixture of ingredients.
Easily seen; obvious; attracting attention
a sharp twist or bend in something
To say or do something in opposition to something else
Noisy activity or confusion.
Vocabulary words 11-20 bsms 3rd period cof 2019
In 6th grade math I learned to find the
circumference of a circle.
My little brother and sister always makes
commotion everywhere they go.
Inventors makes concoctions.
When a singer preforms they are conspicuous.
A gymnast preforms contortions.
Sly, crafty or clever
The cunning man smiled
after pulling his prank.
The scattered remains of something broken; rubble or wreckage

A wrecked plane left debris everywhere.
The act of defying; open
resistance to an opposing
force or authority.
After the boxer got hit with
a right punch, he countered
with a left punch.
My brother is a defiant little

Quick and skillful; adroit
A soccer player is deft.
Chelsea Hill
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