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FDR's New Deal by: Brigid Hanley

No description

Madeleine Student

on 30 October 2014

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Transcript of FDR's New Deal by: Brigid Hanley

The Burden
After being elected in 1932, Franklin Delano Roosevelt was laden with the hope and expectations of thousands of Americans; their hope for change and a brighter future. The New Deal and other power-increasing acts were meant to help lift American out of the hole it had fallen into.
The Election
1. Herbert Hoover was blamed for the crashed economy and hardships of Americans. His principle of Laissez Faire Economics, which was a hands off, stop government meddling policy was seen as a failure.
2. FDR was a democrat, and the government at that time was democratically dominated, which also proved helpful in the future when the Constitution was pushed around.
3. FDR's speeches about turning the corner and raising hope increased the dependence and faith put on his shoulders.
Unemployment programs
The ultimate goal of these programs was to create jobs for people of all specializations, and to get people to work.
CCC-Civilian Conservation Corps
Successfully improving the environment as well as young men's lives! Made up of mainly 18-25 yr. olds who would clear trails and clean beaches etc. Provided with lodging, money could be sent back home, improving the economy.
WPA- Works Progress Administration
Provided jobs for those in specialized unneeded lines of work; artists, scholars, authors, and artisans. Ex.Timberline lodge= stonemasons.
TVA-Tennessee Valley Authority
This program was designed to modernize the rural, underdeveloped, and dirt poor areas around the Appalachian Mountains. By damming the rivers electricity was created, and with new technology and growth came jobs.
FDR's New Deal
TVA: Tennessee Valley Authority
CCC: Civilian Conservation Corps
WPA: Works Progress Administration
Economic Safety Net Programs
We need to make sure that when hard times hit, there's still a minimum standard of living.
FERA: Federal Emergency Relief Agency - Help after natural disasters strike. Money from tax payers to provide basic services to give a jump start.
SSA: Social Security Administration - Complicated running, but services for old or handicapped, so they can have human necessities.
Economic Security Programs
SEC: Security Exchange Commission - Encouraged Americans to invest in the stock market by reassuring that money was safe in the hands of stock cops, who would catch frauds.
Up the confidence in investments.
FDIC: Federal Deposit Corps- Thousands of empty banks failed during the Great Depression, and people's money was lost. But, with no money in the banks to loan out, the system ran itself into the ground. Need to increase confidence in the banking systems, and get the economy back on its feet.
The Wagner Act
Unions can collectively bargain.
NLRA: National Labor Relations Act

Strikes = violence
Foster Labor Unions = More support for FDR
AAA: Agriculture Adjustment Agency
We need to handle the overproduction of crops which is lowering their value and putting farmers out of work. We'll pay you NOT to grow crops. FDR 1936
NRA: National Recovery Administration
Stronger role in interstate Congress law. We could even set pricing on some things...
Criticism of New Deal
Constitutionalists: Strict interpretation of Constitution. "This is beyond government power!"
"Road to Socialism"
"We want locals in charge of us; they understand what we need! Not some pompous unaffected brat in Washington!"
Deficit Spending
Don't got money to fix the problem?
Borrow to fix?
Increase Taxes?
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