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Modern Epic Hero: Luke Skywalker

No description

Joshua Davis

on 19 May 2014

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Transcript of Modern Epic Hero: Luke Skywalker

Luke's Rightful Place
Luke doesn't return home but he does goes back to Endor to cremate his father. He then goes back to the Ewok village to celebrate the Rebellion's victory.
When Luke is being electrocuted by The Emporer, Darth Vader realizes that his son(Luke Skywalker) was right about him. Darth Vader picks up The Emporer and throws him down into the abyss of the Death Star.
Modern Epic Hero: Luke Skywalker- Introduction
Luke Skywalker, a farmer on his home planet, Tatooine, goes back to his home and finds that his Aunt and Uncle were killed by Stormtroopers because they found out that they owned R2-D2, which had the secret Death Star plans and C-3PO. He then goes back to Obi-Wan to learn the ways of the force.
The test
Luke Skywalker must prove himself as a Jedi to defeat the Empire and Darth Vader. He goes to the Dagobah System to find Yoda who can teach him the ways of the force.
Image: Prezi Google image
Luke's Companions
Luke is aided by Han Solo, Princess Leia,C-3PO, R2-D2, and Chewbacca.
Special Ability
Luke has the ability to use the force, which enables him to move objects, choke enemies, use mind control on weak-minded enemies, and he is able jump very high.
Luke's Low Point
Luke fights Darth vader on the Death Star.
Image: Prezi Google image
Luke's 1st battle against Darth Vader - Mythical Place
Luke fights Darth Vader on Bespin(Cloud City).
Video: http//:www.youtube.com/Luke vs. Darth Vader
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Image: Prezi Google image
Image: Prezi Google image
Image: Prezi Google image
Come back Moment - Luke convincing Darth Vader
Luke's Quest
Luke's main objective is to destroy the Empire.
Image: Prezi Google Image
The 8 basic traits of a modern epic hero:
Special Ability
Mythical Place
Low Point
Come Back Moment
Rightful Place
Luke Skywalker is an epic hero because he possesses the 8 traits. He has a quest, which is to destroy the Empire, he has a special ability, which is the force, he lived in a mythical place, which is Tatooine, and he has a come back moment, in which he convinces his father(Darth Vader) there is still good in him.
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