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1.04 The Golden Age of Islam

No description

Victoria English

on 6 May 2013

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Transcript of 1.04 The Golden Age of Islam

1.04 The Golden Age of Islam Journey to a great time in Islam Economy The End Paper had an impact on the economy of Islam during the golden age. Paper spread quickly thru out the empire because the new Chinese processes of making it was faster & more efficient than before. Government offices first used paper then it spread to everyone else. Stores began to sell paper and books. And a form of credit was created that is the same as a check. In the Islamic golden age there were many intellectual advances that ranged from many fields including, science, art, medicine and literature. Many great scholars and books came out this era. Intellectual As Abbasid armies spread more people came under Islamic control Arabic the official language of Islam also spread. With the expansion of Islamic control and the spread of the Arabic language, trade increased throughout the caliphate and beyond goods and information were trader over long distances. The Muslims did not force people to convert to Islam but many did to avoid non- muslim taxes called jizya. Political The highest social class in the Islamic Golden Age was a Muslim Arab, they paid least taxes and had more privileges. The second highest class was the Muslim non-Arabs. They paid more taxes than Muslim Arabs. The third social class was the "people of the book" these were Jews and Christians, they were called this because they based their faith off the Bible. They did not have the same rights as Muslims. The lowest class in Islam were the slaves. Social Medicine Al-Zahrawi's work became the standard medical text in Europe for centuries Avicenna wrote the Canon, a med. book, he was also famous for his encyclopedia of philosophy Al-Razi was the most famous doctor, he wrote
over 200 books on medicine, he wrote about
diseases like small pox & he was skilled surgeon Science Arabic numerals and the idea of zero Alhazen is credited with being the first "scientist". He conducted experiments that would inspire the scientific method. Art included floral or vine designs on pottery, textiles, and buildings, called arabesques Geometric designs were also important and human figures weren't included Literature One Thousand and One Nights are Arabian short shorties with character like Sin Bad and Aladdin Rumi was one of the most famous poets of all time by:Victoria English
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