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Crash Course in Online Marketing

No description

Gabriel Schaefer

on 13 April 2014

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Transcript of Crash Course in Online Marketing

Creating a Buzz With
Social Media

Find and Attract People
For Your Cause
Use social media to gather a coalition
Become an expert: blog and comment
Review social media options for your message. Identify and prioritize your MVC. (nerd talk for "Most Valuable Channel")
Forewarning: building a coalition on social media can be a bit like herding cats.
Content, Content, Content
Clean and concise
Good use of imagery
Has an engaging tag line
A plea for interaction
Not a snore fest
The Anatomy of an effective Facebook Post
Content and/or ideas + wit = Gold
140 Characters = think concise
Direct/indirect plea for interaction
Learn Twitter Lingo
The Anatomy of an Effective Tweet
Outreach to people in your MVC's
and build relationships.
It's Called 'Social' Media for a Reason
Identify friend & foe groups, bloggers, thought-leaders, elected officials, and decision makers on social media
Find hashtags, Facebook pages, Tumblr blogs, Youtube personalities, etc. that are talking about your issue
Determine where you can penetrate given your time/resources available.
5 Tips for Successful Blogging
Where to blog
Your website
Quick Blog Checklist
Has a mission statement or stated purpose
Has a distinguishable name
Has easy to use 'share' components & allows comments
Is equipped with monitoring tools
Provides links to other like-minded blogs & political websites
Is aesthetically pleasing & NOT boring
Don't be that person who starts a blog, tells allll of your friends to tune in, and then... Never blogs.
2. Personality
4. Value/Impact
3. Engagement
5. Timing/Frequency
1. Content/Opinion
- Have an interesting opinion, take, or position that distinguishes your blog from others. Content should be relevant and engaging.
- Make sure your personality comes out in your
blogging. Wit, humor, anger, frustration, sarcasm
can be great tools if applied correctly.
- Remember, it's social media. Don't post your blog and forget about it. Read the comments, follow up with your readers, engage in dialogue.
- Know your subject matter. Local or specialized reporting/opinion can give you greater authenticity and expertise. Your value and impact will establish your brand.
- Set a goal for posts per week and stick with it. Quality over quantity. But quantity is important. Timing is essential if your content is time-sensitive.
Ace of Spades HQ
Campus Reform (LI plug)
The Foundry
CNSnews - Right Views
Blogs you should be following
Consider Advertising and pay-to-play.

Facebook ads are based on a system of bidding for clicks and/or impressions with no minimums or maximums.
You can run broad national campaigns or micro-target based on demographics and interests.
Facebook allows you to grow in your fan base and promote your content via promoted posts.

External tools like bit.ly, Google Analytics, and Sprout Social provide additional data on Facebook engagement rates, social patterns, and referral traffic information.

Twitter is still the new guy on the advertising block.
It is based on a system of bidding for clicks on links, retweets, hashtags, and promoted trends based on demographics and interests.
Can get $$$, and there is a minimum on starting a campaign.
Twitter can allow you to influence real-time political discussion.

Google Adwords is the most powerful online advertising tool in the world.
It is also based on a system of bidding for clicks and impressions. There is no minimum investment.
Google runs adwords on Youtube, Gmail, thousands of different sites, and Google's search engine.
Google Adwords can allow you to better control what content people see when they search, view videos, or read news.
Post on your blog
E-mail your like-minded friends and allies
Contact groups who have similar objectives
Reach out to those you have established relationships with on your social media MVC's
Practice what is called interpersonal communication (nerd for having to talk with someone in person)
Brand your issue and content in a way that has mass appeal on social media with different cross segments of the conservative movement and public in general.
Reach out to your established contacts
Build a coalition by selling your message
on social media.

Use hashtags on Twitter, Google+, and Tumblr
Ask your fans to 'LIKE' and 'SHARE' your content/message with their friends
Raise awareness on your issue, if possible provide a call to action
Reach out to your MVC contacts ask them to post your content on social media
Measure Results
The End
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