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T9 Automoblox

No description

Prezi Moderator

on 22 May 2014

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Transcript of T9 Automoblox

Line: Within this product, horizontal grooves are cut within the wooden body a few millimeters from the top edge of the product. Curved lines are present along the windshield portion of the product, as well as at the front end of the toy.

Color: In the T9 model of Automoblox, there is a wooden body like most models. There is a green theme present within this product that is shown within the windshield, tires and the figures within the product.

Value: There is little value difference within the product. It is only present between the difference in the tires/axles and the windshield, where the windshield has a darker tint than the tires and axles. Value is present between the ends of the wooden body. This is because of the end grains of the wood being darker than the rest of the body.

Shape: Rectangular surfaces along the wooden body are present. The shape of the windshield resembles a dome that is irregular shaped. The wheels are circular shaped.

Form: The form of the product resembles a Prick-up Truck. A rectangular prism forms the body with curved edges on all sides of it. The windshield resembles a curved dome and the tires of the vehicle have shallow treads in them.

T9 Automoblox

Functional Analysis
Visual Analysis
Structural Analysis
What is a Visual Analysis
What are the Elements and Principals of Design
A Visual Analysis is when the Elements and Principles of design are observed and explained within a product.
- An invisible coordinate in space
- A straight or curved continuous extent of length without width
- Hue and tint of an object
- Brightness or darkness of a color
- The outline of an area or figure.
- the visible shape or configuration of something.
- What is or is not there.
- How an object feels

Space: There is negative space towards the rear end of the product where a truck bed is present. There is balance throughout the product due to the positive space of the windshield which forms a formal balance with the negative space of the rear truck bed.

Texture: The overall texture of the product is very smooth. The only area that can be considered rough is the edges of the grooves in the wooden body.
- Things fit together
- Elements stand out
- Elements are opposite
- Elements have patterns
- The relationship of one thing to another
- Elements the same
- Elements are Simple

The Purpose!
The purpose is to be a child's toy that is extremely customizable and mix matchable between other Automoblox cars.
Inputs and Outputs
Product Function
Toy moves
Toy customization
By applying force to the rear of the product, the toys wheels turn and it moves forward. By applying force to the front of the vehicle, the product roles backwards. This can be done because with fixed axles and wheels that fit a little loosely on them, can turn. The wheels wont fall off however because the axles have a small lip on them that keeps the wheel from falling off, but can be pulled off by an individual.

The body is held together by connecter pieces between each of the 3 sections. There is a connecter extruding from the back body piece into a connecter piece going into the middle body. The different cars have different shapes in their connecters to make it easier to sort pieces together, but they can be interchanged by pressing on tabs in the middle and pulling it out, then placing another piece in its place.
Modeled Parts!!
Drawing (Front End)
Main body
Structural Analysis: The breaking down of a structure/product to figure out how exactly it works and what it is made out of.
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