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Civil War Review

No description

Helen Kumpel

on 31 July 2013

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Transcript of Civil War Review

When armies suffer a loss of soldiers these losses are called _______________. Casualties In which battle did the Union and Confederate soldiers suffer a significant amount of casualties? At least 23,000 soldiers Who did the Union army stop?
Where was this battle? Battle of Antietam What is a verb that means to abandon a
a person, cause, or organization, in a way considered disloyal or treacherous. Not...... Desert Noun- desert or dessert Who can give me an example from the civil war? What's a civilian? Where did they live? What is segregation? What laws made it legal to segregate? Lincoln signed this document in order to end slavery in the South Emancipation Proclamation What did Lincoln ask the North to do in regards to the South after the war was won by the Union? How did President Lincoln die? John Wilkes Booth ------- --------- ---------- What was a new technology during the Civil War that helped the military communicate faster? This amendment to the Constitution ended slavery 13th Amendment The 14th Amendment did what? It gave African Americans full ________. 15th Amendment.... It gave African Americans the right to ______. Whew!!!! We made it! Who became President after the death of Lincoln?
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