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Beyond the Bayou

No description

Meredith Roberts

on 17 January 2014

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Transcript of Beyond the Bayou

Breaking Boundaries
Cheri shoots himself in the leg by accident and in order to try to save Cheri's life, La Folle crosses through the bayou into the town
She breaks down her confining boundaries that were set by the women of the town, when they had no right to
La Folle, a middle aged woman lives in isolation outside the town, beyond the bayou next to a field
La Folle's mother saved P'tit Maitre
he has three children, Cheri and two older girls
Finding Self Confidence
When La Folle runs into the town, children as well as adults rush away, gasping
This makes it very hard to continue, but La Folle did, because she believed she could save Cheri's life
She found her self confidence when she realized what was more important, people judging her, or Cheri dying
Promotes Selfless
La Folle stopped at the border of her confinement and called to the people of the town for help because Cheri had shot himself

She realizes that his life is too important to rely on others to hear her and come help from the town so she puts his life in front of her own and is willing to risk everything to try to save him
Counter Arguments
Too simple for 10th graders
Plot is not hard to understand
young boy shoots himself, a woman saves him
Beyond the Bayou
by Kate Chopin should be required reading for all sophomores at CCHS.
Beyond the Bayou
By Kate Chopin

"Children, old men, old women, young ones with infants in their arms, flocked to doors and windows to see this awe-inspiring spectacle. Most of the shuddered with superstitious dread of what it might portend. 'She totin' Cheri!' some of them shouted" (Chopin, 4).
Complex Enough
Dig beneath the literal meaning of the story, which themes and characteristics does this story promote?

The climax is NOT when Cheri shoots himself in the leg, it when La Folle decides to try to save Cheri
“Her real name was Jacqueline, but everyone on the plantation called her La Folle, because in childhood she had been frightened literally ‘out of her senses’, and never wholly regained them” (Chopin, 1).

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