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Mateo Calderon Valencia

on 30 May 2014

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By: Mateo Calderon, Juan Esteban, Juliana Ospina , and David Cruz
The Phantom Tollbooth is a book about a boy named Milo who doesn't care for anything and anyone and gets easily bored with everything. One day he finds a mysterious tollbooth in his room. He decides to pass through and found himself in a mysterious land. As he travels through these mysterious places he meets new people and uncovers the story of the place. He also finds out that the place has been a little out of order since Rhyme and Reason were banned, still everybody want them back. Milo decides to take a dangerous journey to rescue Rhyme and Reason. Will he make it back with Rhyme and Reason or will he die in the try?
Milo: He starts as a very dull and boring boy that doesn't care about anything and anyone and gets bored easily with everything.
Tock: Tock is a watchdog that has a clock in his body that goes ticktickticktick.
The Humbug: They don't talk much about the Humbug. He just likes to agree with everyone and is one of Milos accompanist in his journey.
King Azaz: King of Dictionopolis and wants Rhyme and Reason back. Hates his brother the Mathemagician
Mathemagician: Is king of Digitopolis and hates his brother Azaz. Wants Rhyme and Reason back too.
Rhyme and Reason: Are the princesses of Wisdom and were the ones that tried to stop the battles between their brothers. They were banned from the kingdom because they couldnt solve one of their fights.
This book is told from a 3rd person view because it always uses the nouns them and they and not I. Also it says that they or them went to a place and Tock, The Humbug, and I went to a place.
I had a lot of questions when I finished this book some of them where:

Why did milo go away and didn’t stay in expectations?

Why are the demons so scared of the kings?

Why does Alec grow to the ground?

Why is the humbug so useless?

The theme of this book was a bit difficult to decipher but I finally got it. Theme: if you stayed bored doing nothing you will miss all the opportunities that are around you. I think this is the theme because at first Milo was always bored about everything but farther and farther into the story Milo begins to not be bored about everything and starts enjoying everything.
I would recommend the book ´´The Phantom Tollbooth´´ to people that like fiction books. To people that would like to read a different kind of book a book that is not quite the normal one. And I really liked it so maybe you will like it too.
Turnpike- A toll gate.
Overwrought- In a state of nervous excitement or anxiety
Connotation- An idea or feeling which a word invokes for a person in addition to its literal or primary meaning
Minstrels- A medieval singer or musician, especially one who sang or recited lyric or heroic poetry
Quacmire- A soft boggy area of land that gives away underfoot
Flabbergast- Surprise someone
Upholstery- Soft, padded textile covering that is fixed to furniture such as armchairs and sofas
Tinsel- A form of decoration consisting pf thin strips of shiny metal foil attached to along piece of thread

Norton Juster is an American architect and popular writer that is mostly known for his novels The Phantom Tollbooth and The Dot And The Line. Norton Juster was born in Brooklyn, New York in June 2, 1929. His father, Samuel Juster was a Romanian Jew who became an architect. His mother Minnie Silberman came from Polish Jewish background. His brother Howard became an architect also. studied architecture at the University of Pennsylvania, and spent a year in Liverpool, England. When he was in the U.S Navy for three years he started to write seriously, his first book was The Phantom Tollbooth, published in 1961. With this book he was winner of the George C. Stone center from children´s book awards.

Milo´s room: A normal typical room. One day when he arrives home he finds a tollbooth with instructions, a map and a rule book. This is were the story begins, and doesn´t re-appear until the end of the book.

Expectations: It´s a beautiful place full of trees and flowers. It´s the first place Milo visits after appearing in this strange place. There he meets the wether man, who tells him the way to Dictionopolis.

Doldrums: It´s a very boring place where you are not allowed to think, in fact, the only way to get to the doldrums is by not thinking. The Lethargians are the sleepy and lazy people that live in the Doldrums. Tock is the watchdog that makes sure nobody wastes time.

Dictionopolis: It is ruled by King Azaz and words are the most important thing. You can´t enter without having a reason. The word market is where everyone gathers to trade, buy or sell words or letters.

Milo- Reminds me of the chocolate milk.
Dr. Dischord- Reminds me of Dumbo.
Dictionopolis- Reminds me of my social studies castle project.
Sound Keeper- Looks like a witch, also reminds me when me sister´s costume was of a witch.
One of the demons- Reminds me of Slender man.
When Milo,Tock and Humbug were lost it reminds me when I was a little kid I got last in Unicentro.

I connect the tasting of letters to eating Letter soup.

I connect the orchestra full of colors to The Color Run Night.
Gingerly- In a careful or cautious manner
Strolled- A walk in a leisurely way
Fiddles- A violin
Unkempt- Having an untidy appearance
Brandishing- Wave or flourish something, as a threat or in anger or excitement
animosity - a feeling of strong dislike or ill-will
arbitration - the settling of a dispute in which both sides present their arguments to a third person or group for settlement
presumption - strong reason for believing something to be so in spite of lack of proof
prosperous - having or showing success or financial good fortune
controversy - the act or cause of disagreeing
lure - something that tempts or attracts
gallant - courteous, brave (like a knight)
contradict - to argue the opposite of something
scuff - to scrape the feet/shoes while walking

Forest of Sight: Milo thinks the forest is beautiful and full of trees. There He meets Alec, a strange man that is a giant, midget, thin man and fat man. He goes to reality, a place without buildings and passes through mirage.

Valley of Sound: The silent valley became silent when people began to use sound incorrectly. When this happened, the sound keepers decided eliminate sound and make it be the silent valley, it was originally named the valley of sound.

Digitopolis: It is ruled by the Mathemagician and numbers are the most important thing. Numbers are mined and are more valuable than gems. The castle where the Mathemagician lives, has stairs that lead to infinity.

Mountains of Ignorance: It is were all the demons bother Milo and don´t allow him to complete his journey.
subsequent - coming afterward in time, following 7.
vast - great in size, amount, quantity or area
metropolis - big, major city
mirage - illusion; something you see that isn't actually there
boulevard - a broad city street
Boulder - a large rock
Dodecahedron - a mathematical shape with twelve faces
Peculiar - strange or odd; unusual
Constructed - made up of
Absurd - foolish; unreasonable
Sulk - be silent, morose, and bad-tempered out of annoyance or disappointment
Pungent- having a sharply strong taste or smell
Jovial- cheerful and friendly
Speculate - Think carefully, reflect, meditate, consider
Unethical - morally wrong
Ordinance - Rule or law
Precautionary - advance protection against possible danger
Conciliatory - making peace
Procrastinate - put things off until later; delay, especially repeatedly
Flabbergast - make speechless with surprise; astonish greatly; amaze
Proclamation - an official announcement

"It doesn´t make me happy to hold back the sounds" she began softly, "for if we listen to them carefully they can sometimes tell us things far better than words."
(Juster 158)

"You must never feel badly about making mistakes," explained Reason quietly, "as long as you take trouble to learn from them. For you often learn more by being wrong than you do by being right for the wrong reasons."
(Juster 233)

"it´s not just learning things that´s important. It´s learning what to do with what you learn and learning why you learn things at all that matters"
(Juster 233)

"But whatever we learn has a purposeand whatever we do affects everyone else, even in the tiniest way.."
(Juster 233

"So many things are possible just as long you don´t know they´re impossible"
(Juster 247)

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