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Google - Globalization Process & Global Strategy

point of view on globalization process and global strategy of Dell:  Globalization Philosophy ?  Basic strategic theme?  Evolutions of Organization Structure  Governance Process?  Functions? Global or local managed? Strategically implications?

Mike Schroll

on 13 April 2010

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Transcript of Google - Globalization Process & Global Strategy

China censorship
Locally managed
with many Global Offices
Globalization Philosophy
The need for information crosses all borders.
Based in California, with global mission: facilitate access to information for the entire world, and in every language.
Google translation tools enable people to discover content written on the other side of the world in languages they don't speak.
Strategic Theme
Expand into, index, and provide insight into any information Humans can consume
Organization Structure
US Headquarters in Mountain View, CA manages global operations
Key employees sometimes happen to be located in other offices around the world: Global network of management
Mostly flat organization structure
9 Board of Directors Making up 6 committees
Audit Committee
Leadership Development and Compensation Committee
Nominating and Corporate Governance Committee
Executive Committee
Acqusition Committee
Real Estate Committee
Separate Operating Committee
Google's Global Reach
Google gives employees 20% time to spend as they please

This has lead to innovations such as google maps, many of which end up formal google products, contributing to their overall strategic theme.
Pulling out of China
Decision to go against Chinese Government's wishes and provide uncensored Google Services
All China google traffic redirects to google hong kong: Fate of Chinese access to google now in China's hands
R&D work and sales staff continues on in China
Some access is restricted, but most has not been blocked by Chinese Government
China Business Impact
Opens up competition for China's 350 million Internet users to largest chinese rival: Baidu
Potential loss of revenue, but sticking to values of free information
Potentially postive effect in other regions of the world, having taken a stand on the issue
Loss of further Chinese business by having not respected the laws of China, and agreements with the government
29% Market Share
in 2010
Strategic Theme: Value employees and you will benefit
Spread wide, focus local
Google slowly expanded from country to country by first providing country and language-specific versions of their services
Later creating a local presence for better local representation and bringing on paying ad clients
Still managed centrally, but with input from country-specific offices
More consistently represents company values
Very informal committees of 1-4 directors
Adhoc meeting schedules, x/year
Few formal processes
Rated poorly on governance by RiskMetrics
16 people making up Google Executive Management
A-typical dual-share structure gives 10x control per share to insiders over public stock owners
Index all human
Products in over
100 languages
Offices in dozens of countries
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