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Holocaust Prezi

By Kelsey and Taylor

Taylor Olszewski

on 2 November 2012

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Transcript of Holocaust Prezi

Holocaust Survivors: Gloria Hollander Lyon and Freda Rosenfarb Reider By Kelsey Holm and Taylor Olszewski GLORIA HOLLANDER LYON FREDA ROSENFARB REIDER Freda Rosenfarb Reider was a young Jewish girl living in Austria with her parents and sisters. One morning, her family woke up to a thunderous noise. Terrified at what it was, they quietly moved to the window to see what it was. As they peered out the window, they saw their neighbors celebrating and welcoming a group of people. Freda looked closer and saw that the people in her neighborhood were welcoming a group of people, but not just any group of people. They were welcoming the Nazi's. They were welcoming them like, "they were an old family member. They were singing and throwing flowers to them." When Freda and her family saw this, they were terrified. They were the only Jewish family in the neighborhood. Freda's friend's mother even dumped garbage on her head and called her a "filthy Jew"! Gloria Hollander Lyon is a survivor of the Holocaust, and seven Nazi camps. Before the Holocaust, she lived in Czechslovakia with her Jewish family. Gloria and her family knew little to nothing about the Nazi's war on Jews. They lived in a small town with many other Jewish families. There was no warning for the day the Nazis came and took them away. Freda's mother started to write to family members that she knew of to see if they knew any family members in America, so they could escape the Anschluss. The two people wrote back, asking for a fur coat and Freda's mother sent one. They waited a while, until Freda's mother wrote again asking things like, "Do you remember our request to stay with you?" The people wrote back asking for two wigs. Freda and her family then realized that these people were only writing to them for free things! Freda's mother then found another cousin in America and wrote to him, hoping that he wasn't like the first people, which he wasn't. He was too poor to host another family so he sent them to HIS cousin who would gladly bring them into his home. Freda and her family then packed up their things and went to Vienna and from there, hopped onto a ship and sailed to America. Freda's mother found two cousins in Chicago and wrote to them asking if they could stay with them. They waited for a while, until they finally got a reply. The Anschluss was a political union of Austria with Germany, achieved through annexation by Adolf Hitler in 1938. The Nazis took Gloria and her family, and sent them to Aushwitz. Aushwitz is a famous concentration and death camp of the time. when they arrived at Aushwitz, the family was seperated, men from women. This left Gloria with her mother and sister, trapped in the death camp. Gloria was forced to work in the horrible camp for sometime. She and the other prisoners were subjected to inspections, where the doctor at camp decided whether the people would pass and continue to live, or fail and be sent to the gas chambers to die. One horrible day came when Gloria did not pass. Gloria and the other girls marked to die were loaded onto a truck. They knew what was happening, and Gloria was afraid. She wanted to return to her mother and sister. Before the truck started, the man driving, a Hungarian guard, came around to the back of the truck. He told the girls it was possible to jump off the truck. But that if they escaped and were caught, they should not tell on him because he could save more lives. And with that, he started the truck and began driving. Gloria thought quickly, knowing if she jumped, she may be caught and killed or she might escape back to her mother. If she did not jump, it was certain death. Gloria had made her decison, and asked if anyone would come with her. They were all too scared to do it. Freda recalled being on the ship and seeing the statue of liberty for the first time. Se said, "Then, I knew I was safe. Seeing the Statue of Liberty, just the sight of it, it made me feel that we were relieved. Delivered." Gloria jumped alone, off the slow truck, onto the road and down into a deep culvert on the edge of the road. There she hid for hours, afraid to leave. She heard Nazi guards while she hid, who had discovered her absence and searched for her. But Gloria remained unfound. Gloria waited until nightfall to climb out, and ran to a set of barracks. She hid inside, informed by another girl that the people in the barrack were being moved to another camp in the morning. Gloria stayed with them, and was moved out of Aushwitz with them the next morning. After Aushwitz, Gloria was moved from camp to camp until she had lived in seven in all. She was liberated in the seventh camp, and free from the Nazis. She was surprised to find almost all of her immediate family were also survivors, her brother being the only missing one. Gloria's story is one of incredible lucky and bravery. She later moved to the United States, free from the camps forever. Thanks for watching and learning about our Holocaust survivors! THE END The Holocaust is a famous period of time where Hilter, leading the Nazis, persecuted peoples in Germany and surronding land. One of the people he persecuted were the Jewish. The Nazis rounded up as many Jewish as they could, and sent them to concentration camps. In the camps, they were held prisoner and forced to work. Also, they were subjected to various other horrors, and often just gassed and cremated. A small amount of people survivied these camps. What is the Holocaust? Reflection: Kelsey Holm Taylor Olszewski After reading Gloria's story, I was almost horrified at how close to death she came. She wasn't just a lucky person, to be liberated before death: She chose her own fate by jumping off the truck back in Auschwitz. It's beyond amazing that she escaped the Nazis and escaped Aushwitz. I don't know if I would be brave enough to do that, even if I knew I was facing death. Many people who survived the Holocaust were just lucky to not have died before liberation, or were fortunate enough to escape Germany altogether, like Freda. Gloria was neither, at first. Instead, the one guard in Auschwitz saved her by 'mentioning' that the girls could jump. It's indescribable at how incredibly lucky Gloria Hollander Lyon was. It's an amazing survival story. When I read Freda's story, it had my heart racing and kept me reading more. If I were in her place, I wouldn't have been so calm and collected. Honestly, I would have been freaking out and screaming. She was eight years old (and the youngest) and she was supporting her family through all of this. From haI've ving garbage dumped on her head and yelled at to moving to a totally new country and meeting many new people, Freda Reider is one of the bravest people I've read about.
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