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Classical and Christian Anti-Semitism

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Sloan Trapnell

on 23 April 2010

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Transcript of Classical and Christian Anti-Semitism

Classical and Christian Anti- Semitism William Marr, the creator of "The League for Anti-Semitism," defined Anti-Semitism as "the hatred of Jewish People." The Justinian Code Crusades Blood Libel and the Black Death The Inquisition The Protestant Reformation The main issue that caused the uprise of Christian Anti-Semitism was the Jews refusal to convert to a Christian religion. They chose to stick to their own beliefs and customs rather than converting. Christians feared they would have to begin to practice the beliefs of the Jews because Jesus of Nazareth was Jewish. The Jewish religion forbids Jews to bow down to any person or god other other than the Creator. The Acts of the Apostles Christians, or Gentiles, worried about having to follow the beliefs of Jews. The Church's majority became non- Jewish rather than Jewish Christians believe Jewish people are to blame for the crucifixtion of Jesus. made by Byzantine Emperor Justinian Abolished the civil rights of Jews build synagogues read the Bible in Hebrew gather in public places celebrate Passover before Easter give evidence in a judicial cases in which a Christian was a party Other changes for the Jewish... No Christian-Jewish marriage Jews had to pay taxes to the Church They had to wear certain clothing to stand out from the Christians 9 wars from 1096-1272 March on the Holy Land Liberate the infidels Thousands of Jews were slaughtered Jews were accused of all kinds of slanders and were scapegoats for the problems of the day. Jews were said to have killed Christian children and used their blood for Matzah for Passover However, Jews are not allowed to eat any type of blood. Black Death- Bubonic plague
Jews were accused of spreading the plague throughout Europe, and many were burned to rid the countries of the plague. Jews were also used to enhance the economy because Christians viewed it as sinful to have monopolies. Dominican friars wanted to convert Jews to Christianity in 1233 They tortured heretics of the Catholic Church at first. They used torture to make the heretics repent. Martin Luther began Protestantism in the 16th century He thought that the Jewish people would follow him and join his religion because he supported them in their practices. He became an anti-semite when he realized the Jews would not convert to his religion He began to call Jews worse than devils. His view was that synagogues should all be burned to the ground, and all Jewish books should be seized. They were often fined and the money was used towards the Church Medieval Inquisition Spanish Inquisition Ferdinand and Isabella The death penalty was used much more in Spain than in Rome to punish converted Jews. Those Jews are also known as Marronos: Jews who secretly practiced Judaism. In 1492, the Spanish Jews had to choose to be baptized as a Christian or to be exiled. The majority left. They were no longer able to... THE END The New Testament caused many conflicts between the Christians and Jews
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