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love in the cornhusks

No description

Keshia Redoble

on 5 March 2013

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Transcript of love in the cornhusks

Summary of the Story analysis 0 + - = 9 8 7 1 2 3 4 5 6 c Aida Rivera Ford she lived with her husband in a large farm in Davao Tinang's Facebook Love in the Cornhusks (1957) Aida Rivera Ford Analysis the last part had a lot of symbolisms A story of a young woman with so much promise brought low by love. “Waiting hurts. Forgetting hurts. But not knowing which decision to take can sometimes be the most painful...” Life is full of twisted events and human beings have to understand that decisions done in every moment must be discerned well and its consequences accepted. Love in the Cornhusks Get to know: Born in Jolo, Sulu First Editor of Sands and Coral (the official publication of Silliman University Took up an A.B. Degree in English and graduated Cum Laude She had her Masters in English at University of Michigan and won the Jules and Avery Hopwood Award for fiction She taught in University of Mindanao and Ateneo de Davao University She founded the first school of Fine Arts in Mindanao called the "Ford Academy of the Arts" AWARDS Datu Bago Award 1982 1991 Philippine Government
Parangal for Writers Gawad CCP Awardee
for Essay in English 1984 Outstanding Sillimanian Award
UP ICW named her National Fellor for fiction 1993 President at Mindanao Foundation for Culture and Arts 1997 Constantina "Tinang" Tirol
Señora (the former employer of Tinang )
Tito (son of Señora)
Señorito (Father of Tito and the boss of Amado)
Amado Galuran (Tinang's boyfriend)
A Bagobo (Tinangs husband) Bagobito (Tinangs baby boy) The story happens in a Barrio. One day, Constantina Tirol, also called as Tinang, visits her former master, Señora, whom she was working for before she got married. While carrying her baby boy, she walks through the entrance of the house of her former Señora and meet his former young master,Tito, and the Señora. Upon getting inside the house, Señora asks her some questions how her married life is together with his Bagobo husband and also how is it to be a mother of a baby boy. Their conversation continues and they reach to the point of talking about the tractor drivers of Señora, especially the one who was good, Amado. After that, Tinang finally tells her former Señora about her intention of being there. The baptism of her baby is about to come and she wants Señora to be a Madrina or a Ninang to her child. The relationship between Tinang and her former Señora with her family remains good. And so, Señora hastily agreed to be so and yet wants to provide baptismal clothes for the baby and the fee for the Priest. Before she left from Señoras house, she was told by her that there is a letter for her in the drugstore, which also serves as the post office of the barrio. By that moment, she thought that someone might be dead or maybe that letter comes from her sister. So she hurriedly takes her way home and passes by that drugstore to get the letter. As she continues walking in a muddy road to her way home, she tries to look for a place where she could lay down her baby, hoping that she could read the letter before she arrives home. Finally, she finds a good place where she can stop for a while. There is a Kamansi tree and under of it are scattered cornhusks. So, she prepares a heap of it using her foot and laid her baby upon it. Then, she starts reading the letter. After doing so, she finds out that the letter is a love letter, her first love letter, which comes from Amado, her boyfriend, saying that he does not want to break up with her when he left from the field of Señora without telling the reason why he did so. Time could not be brought back anymore. It is already too late that she discovers that Amado still loves her. However, she was not informed that his mothers worst illness made him gone for some time. Instead, Tinang marry a Bagobo man, whom owns 2 hectares of land. After all, what she does is only to remember her past with Amado until the time comes when she has to leave upon noticing that a snake is sneaking towards her baby boy. In the end, she leaves the place without noticing that her first love letter fell down among the cornhusks. Bagobo Tinang's fall from grace is marked by her physical appearance before and after her marriage. The story then evolves in the two men: the Bagobo ( Tinang's husband ) and Amado ( the Past lover) It is relayed to us in the story that in life, we are all given CHOICES, yet what we have to do is discern and stand on our decisions. Marrying is not a joke and marrying the Bagobo was not just a coincidence but rather a decision she made after she didn't wait for Amado and not knowing enough why she was gone. Reading the letter.
Snake Tinang then chooses to accept the consequences of her decisions. She stands up.
Embraces the baby.
Prayed and begged she might not be punished.
Searching for marks.
Letter fell unnoticed among the cornhusks.
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