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Yr 7 Geography: Investigating the World Topic 1

Topic 1: The nature of Geography

Mr J Portelli

on 7 November 2013

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Transcript of Yr 7 Geography: Investigating the World Topic 1

Why Study Geography?
Physical (natural) Geography
Physical geography looks at how the earth was formed and how it continues to change. It includes the study of the four parts of the physical environment:
- atmosphere (gases around the planet)
- hydrosphere (water)
- lithosphere (land)
- biosphere (living creatures)
Human (cultural) Geography
Human geography looks at how people, individually or as members of a group or community behave: where they live, work and play, and how they use or misuse the land. It includes:
the study of urban, industrial and rural land uses
the development of countries
population and population movements
how ecomomic changes effect people
What is Geography?
Individual Tasks
Geography is the field of study that helps
us to find answers to questions about the world
around us - about where things are and how and why
they got there. It seeks to explain the character of places and the distribution of people, features and events on or near the surface of the earth. It is concerned with the processes that shape the earth's surface and the way people interact with the environment.
The study of geography will help you to:
understand a changing world
understand what role we play in our environment
become informed about social and environmental issues
become an active and informed citizen
better appreciate the beauty and wonder of our environment
Physical & Human Geography
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