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Cell Analogy-Doctor Who

No description

Felicia Kalkman

on 30 October 2012

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Transcript of Cell Analogy-Doctor Who

By Felicia Kalkman Doctor Who
Cell Analogy The Doctor
(Nucleus) The TARDIS
(Lysosomes) The Sonic Screw Driver
(Mitochondria) The Rooms Of The TARDIS
(Vacuole) The Space Time Continuum
(Endoplasmic Reticulum) The Key to the TARDIS
(Cell Membrane) Rose
(Cytoskeleton) The Doctor runs the missions from planet to planet, and he is the "brain" of all missions to other dimensions, controlling everything. The box that transports
The Doctor and his companions
to different places in the
universe. The box is like a
lysosomes by transporting
things that were "unused" and
chose not to remain in that time period. The sonic screw driver is on of the greatest sources
of power for the Doctor. It's structure is unique, the only one in existence, and recycles energy to
open or create doors. The network of the universe that allows The Doctor
to transport from one place to another, seperating
the things that belong in each time period with things that do not. The Rooms of the TARIS store anything that The Doctor and his companion may need, whether it's clothes, gadgets, or random parts to fix the TARDIS. The key filters out who are not allowed inside the TARDIS. This also keeps people in the TARDIS when they are supposed to stay inside of it. Rose supports their missions and The Doctor, doing whatever has to be done to save the universe. Jackie
(Gogli Apparatus) She keeps a permanent home for Rose and The Doctor and packs them anything that they need, and storing anything that doesn't fit in the TARDIS Planets
(Ribosomes) Located in some parts of the Space Time Continuum, Planets are the producers of all life, constantly creating new life forms and new knowledge.
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