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Rock Cycle book!!! =)

Journey of the rock cycle

Leah Jacoby

on 10 December 2012

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Transcript of Rock Cycle book!!! =)

By Leah Jacoby 6T Rocky is a new rock in the big world. Right now he is a sedimentary rock. This means he is a rock that is made up of sediments, or little bits and pieces of rocks that have been put together by heat and pressure. That process is called sedimentation or compaction. Look at me
I'm a sedimentary
Rock We!! I'm moving on
Water! Next Rocky was of to a new place. When a rock is placed in a new area this is called deposition. He was moved by a river. Little bits and pieces of him were worn off, this is called weathering and erosion. OW!
I'm being squished
like a bug! Rocky floated down the stream was thrown into the ocean! He sank all the way down to the bottom of the ocean and was buried in the sand. Rocky was being squeezed together with other rocks, this is called cementation ( it is like sedimentation but under the water). It's so hot
in here!! Rocky was now buried even deeper, past the earth's crust! This was called the mantel, it has liquid hot magma, the exact temperature is 1598 degrees Fahrenheit, that is really hot! He began melting! Rocky was now being forced up out of the earth's crust and into a volcano! Volcanoes can create islands if they are in the water, that's how most of Hawaii was made! going up! Weeee! I'm in the air! Rocky burst out into the air from the volcano, before he was magma now he was lava cooling into an igneous rock. Lava is what you call magma once is out of the earth's surface. igneous rock is a dark rock that is cooled magma/lava. Rocky settled at the bottom of the volcano's edge and sat waiting for something. All of a sudden the volcano started to shake and rumble. It began to pour out lava down the side of the volcano. It quickly flowed down the side and eventually got to rocky. It wasn't too hot though so rocky didn't melt, but he did change shape a little. He was now a metamorphic rock, or a rock that has be altered by heat or pressure. look at all
of the lava I love the
rock cycle Rocky had a wonderful adventure at the end of it all! He got to experience parts of the rock cycle that you never could! There are many other ways rocky could have gone through the rock cycle but he took that path! He may soon become any type of rock or remain of metamorphic rock for the rest of his life! You never know in the rock cycle, anything can happen! Key terms in Rocky's Adventure sedimentary rock: a rock that is made up of sediments
compaction: the process of putting sediments together
metamorphic rock: a rock that has been changed or altered by heat/pressure
deposition: when a rock is deposited in another place
magma: liquid rock ( melted)
sedimentation: when sediments are being put together
igneous rock: a rock that is cooled lava/magma
weathering: the process that wears away on rocks
cementation: the process of putting a rock together (underwater)
Erosion:the carrying away eroded rocks

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