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Constitution and Bylaws of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, 2015

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Charzetta Pittman

on 8 November 2015

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Transcript of Constitution and Bylaws of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, 2015

Basic Protocol of
Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Incorporated

Sections 6 & 7
The Regional Conference shall nominate a soror for regional director.
Name submitted to Nominating Committee
The Regional Conference shall nominate a soror to serve on the Nominating Committee.
The International Region shall nominate its representative in the the calendar year preceding the Boule.

Sections 4 & 5
Shall be duly elected
Certified representatives of chapters and general members
Regional conference shall be a work conference

Under the supervision of the regional director
Lives within her region
Has all voting privileges therein
Conference Dates set by Director
In Boule year, conference must be held before May 1
Sections 2 & 3
Region may be arranged into clusters or similar sub-units.
Purposes of these groups shall be:
to plan and provide for workshops
assume responsibilty for hosting regional conferences
Each unit may have a coordinator.
appointed by regional director
The ultimate responsibilty remains with the regional director.
Section 8
Duties and Powers
The Supreme Basileus
preside at all meetings of the Boule and Directorate
perform the duties that are usually executed by the chief officer
appoint, with the approval of the Directorate, all delegates to national organizations with which AKA is affiliated
exercise general supervision over employed personnel and over the Boule
be an ex-officio member of all committees except the Nominating Committee

The Directorate
have the authority to act on recommendations
attend special meetings called by the Supreme Basileus
All business requiring approval or rejection shall be decided by majority vote of the Directorate.
Two-thirds must be present.
A favoral vote consists of two-thirds.

meet immediately preceding the opening of the Boule.
meet at least once every six months.
meet at the close of the Boule.
deliberate on all policies and problems.
hear and act on all appeals
approve the proposed program of the Boule
recommend to the Boule the establishment or dissolution of chapters
to exercise through the Supreme Basileus supervision over employed personnel
to administer the business of the sorority when the Boule is not in session
present its recommendations to the Boule for action

The Directorate
First Supreme Anti-Basileus
assist the Supreme Basileus
preside in her absence
be an ex-officio member of all committees except the Nominating Committee
Correct Titles and Pronunciations
Soror Autumn Kyles

Supreme Grammateus
be secretary of the Boule, Directorate, and Constitution Committee
be a member of the Constitution Committee
Correct Titles and Pronunciations
Correspondence Titles
The use of “Soror Dr.” or Dr. Soror” is not appropriate. Use “Soror” or “Dr.” Separately.
Soror Penny Brown Reynolds
Rev. Penny Brown Reynolds
The Honorable Penny Brown Reynolds

Non-Greek titles should be used in official public documents
President — Basileus
Vice President — Anti-Basileus
Secretary — Grammateus
Corresponding Secretary — Epistoleus
Financial Secretary — Pecunious Grammateus
Treasurer — Tamiouchos
Greeter or Hostess — Hodegos
Keeper of the Door — Philacter

Greek Titles
Use “Soror” and full name followed by her official sorority position on the next line
Soror Dorothy Buckhanan Wilson, Supreme Basileus
Ms. Dorothy Buckhanan Wilson, International President
Use “Miss, Ms., Mr., Mrs.,” or “Dr.” for non-members, or official title if known
Dr. Mercy Obeime
Invitations to a soror and spouse should be addressed as “Mr. and Mrs. John Smith”
“Soror and guest” may be used as appropriate
Soror Angela Knowles and guest
Ms. Angela Knowles and Mr. Walter Jordan

E-Communications and Photographs
Social Media
Sorors don't let other Sorors post things like this on social media.

Electronic Communications
The chapter Basileus and Graduate Advisor must approve and sign all correspondence sent on behalf of the chapter

Do not transmit confidential information through email or list serves

Delete Alpha Kappa Alpha files from computers used in public areas (workplace, Kinkos, computer labs)

Never forward official email messages which contain Sorority and Chapter Business

Always use discretion when using social media

Facebook, Twitter and Blogs are forums open to the public and should not be used for Sorority-Only business

Use the Soror Code of Ethics as a guide for conduct when using electronic media

Electronic Communications
Order of rank should be considered in positioning sorors for photographs. Chapter officers and event chairman should be positioned front and center.

Name tags should be removed when photographs are taken.

Sorors must be able to maintain the integrity of a photo and authorize when and where it may be used.

Photographs should NEVER be taken during rituals.

Protocol Basics
Official Alpha Kappa Alpha Symbols
Official Jewelry and Badge

The official badge is worn by members only

Always worn on the innermost garment (nearest the body) pinned over the heart

Not worn with formal or sports attire, especially slacks, culottes and shorts. When in doubt, do not wear the badge.

Do not transform the badge into another piece of jewelry

When singing the hymn, in a closed setting:
Hands are right over left

When singing the hymn, in a public setting:
Hold hands with arms down

We do not sway when we sing the hymn

It is “we strive AND we do”;It is NOT “we strive as we do”

Sorority song copyrighted version, “to thy honor”

Alpha Kappa Alpha National Hymn
Official Alpha Kappa Alpha colors are Salmon Pink and Apple Green

Official Alpha Kappa Alpha jewelry is the Single Strand of Pearls

Official Alpha Kappa Alpha Flower is the Pink Tea Rose

Official Alpha Kappa Alpha Symbols
Official Sorority Crest

Launching New Dimension of Service Logo
Official Badge Emblem
Unofficial Symbols
The following have NO OFFICIAL significance in Alpha Kappa Alpha and should NEVER be used to represent our Sorority:
NO bunnies
NO frogs
NO pink panther
NO mice
NO national “strut” or step

Rituals and Ritual Attire
Acceptable Attire for Rituals
Attire For Rituals
Conservative, solid seasonal white with sleeves or suit with coordinated white blouse

Worn during Membership Intake, Chapter Chartering, Ivy Beyond The Wall Ceremonies and Honorary Member Induction

Coordinated white shoes

Hosiery is

Rituals are conducted with dignity and reverence

Closed to public except for the Ivy Beyond The Wall Ceremony

Closed to non-financial members except for the Ivy Beyond The Wall Ceremony and Rededication when it is part of a reactivation activity

Rituals should never be printed or posted on websites

Photos must not be taken during rituals.

Unacceptable Attire for Rituals
Alpha Kappa Alpha Attire
Business Attire
Closed toe shoes preferred
Short or long sleeves
Skirt at
knee length
to mid-calf
Pants suits
Boule Plenary Sessions and Undergraduate Luncheon are Business Attire

Attire for Other Rituals
Installation of Officers -Boule and Chapter--Business attire:
Attire may be requested by Supreme Basileus or Chapter Basileus
Diamond Soror, Golden Soror, or Silver Soror Induction:
Appropriate for the occasion
Specified prior to the event and/or on the invitation
Founders’ Day Observance and Rededication Ceremony:
Follow local custom
Should be specified on the invitation

Follow printed invitation for formal, social gatherings
Alpha Kappa Alpha attire is appropriate for closed informal events and designated community service activities
Sorors are encouraged to wear pink and green at Rush Teas
Business attire for chapter meetings and conference business sessions
For Chapter events, the Basileus or Event Chairman should communicate attire: Chapter Meetings, Galas and Community Service Projects

Attire Guidelines
Open toe shoes or sandals
Hosiery optional
Sleeveless optional
Skirt or pants
Khakis/polo shirts/trousers/shirts

Business Casual
Alpha Kappa Alpha Attire
Business Casual
Business Attire
We are to stand when the Supreme Basileus and Former Basilei enters a room and is being introduced
We are to stand when the Regional Director enters the room at a Regional, Chapter or Cluster level event
Refer to past officers as Former (i.e. Former Regional Director or 16th Central Regional Director)
Chapters have charter members, not founders
The correct name for our International Headquarters is Corporate Office
Do not us the following statements in a business meeting, luncheon or Plenary Session: "Protocol having been established"

Protocol Points to Remember
Use “Founders’ Day” not “Founder’s Day”
“Regional” Conference (not “regionals”)
Boule’ or Leadership Seminars (not “nationals”)
Use Chairman or Chairmen (not chair or chairlady or chairperson)
Entrance to ceremonies will end when the Philacters are signaled to close the doors. Doors will re-open at the conclusion of the ceremony.
Turn off (or silence) all electronic communications devices during meetings.

Protocol Points to Remember
The following should be shredded or burned for permanent and proper disposal to avoid improper use or to prevent use by non members:
Manual of Standard Procedure
Constitution & Bylaws
International, Regional, and Chapter Directories
Any Publication of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated® with private, confidential information
Disposal of Alpha Kappa Alpha Materials
Second Supreme Anti-Basileus
assist the Supreme Basileus in the performance of her duties
be the Chairman of the Undergraduate Activities Committee
be a member of the Program Committee and Finance Committee
Supreme Tamiouchos
Soror Kathy Walker Steele

Central Regional Director
Article VI- Regions
Divided Geographically
Annual Conference
Nominate a Regional Director
Nominating Committee
Makes Recommendations

Article II- Regions
1. North Atlantic
2. Mid-Atlantic
3. South Atlantic
4. Great Lakes
5. South Eastern
6. South Central
7. Central
8. Mid-Western
9. Far-Western
10. International
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