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The Lucky Winner Is.....

No description

Jessica M

on 16 February 2011

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Transcript of The Lucky Winner Is.....

The Lucky Winner is.. Char Characters Characters 1. Jon
3. Nev
4.Nev's Mom
5.Women at the lottery
6.Doctor Setting Park: When he crashed.
Hospital: When he was recovering.
Lottery: When they were trying to win Nev's Expences
Nev's Apartment: At the end of the story when Jon is using his powers to help Nev recover. Plot Graph 1. The first point in the book is when
Peri and Nev are flying heliolites in a field overlooking the town with Jon watching from the ground. 2.Nev was attempting to do Peri's moves but something goes wrong in his heliolite when he crashes. He goes directly to the hospital. 3. Nevs family and friends go to the hospital
and find out that to pay for Nev's medical expenses they
need 1/4 of a million dollars. 4.Then they hear some great news, there is a lottery where if your number get's called all your hospital expenses are paid, the chances are 3 out of several hundred. 5.Peri gets idea that Jon can move Nev's number with his telekinesis powers so then they can win! 6.They all go to the lottery and Jon tries to move Nev's number into place. 7.There is another telekinesis mom there. Her and Jon were fighting to get there numbers into the place. 8. Jon let's the mother win because he saw what the treatment could do for her baby. 9. Jon and Nev get a great idea to help Nev recover. 10. Jon reads up on Nev's injuries and uses his telekinesis powers to help cure Nev. 11. Peri walks into the room. Jon and Nev show her what they did. Nev wiggles his toes. Mood The mood of this short story is sad at tragedy when Nev gets hurt and is rushed to the hospital and happy when they reach a solution of, Jon helping him with his powers. Conflict -The main conflict is when Jon and the woman are fighting over there numbers being drawn
-Minor conflict is when Nev crashes and needs medical attention. Theme: Let things Happen Naturaly, just like Jon did for the women, if he would of won her life would be awful because of her child being killed, they let things happen naturaly and things turn out good! Literary Devices: 1. Fore shadowing
2. Hyperbole
3. Simile
4. Metaphor The End !
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