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GA e-Portfolio

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on 17 September 2013

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Transcript of GA e-Portfolio

A Continuing Journey in Education, Work Experience and Life

Education at Notre Dame de Namur
School Mementos
Self-Portrait Age 5
School Days
Family & Friends
I was raised in Belmont, California and I attended public schools in Belmont from grammar school through high school. Education has always been extremely important to me and I plan to continue taking classes through life in order to continue learning and to set a good example for my children.
My family is the core of my life. Without them, I would not have the same passion for life as I do now. My friends are a key element to my happiness and feelings of need. Both my family and friends have helped to make me who I am today.
"Learn from yesterday,live for today,hope for tomorrow.The important thing is not to stop questioning."
Albert Einstein
About Me
Special Skills:

1. Knowledge of use of Dreamweaver/CSS/Photoshop
2. Continuously learning/researching new technology in Social Marketing
3. Focused research on health care reform and education of policyholders
4. Advanced Knowledge of Social Media Applications
5. Strong ability to work well with others
6. Always striving to learn more
My name is Genna Armanini
Belmont, California
Attended McDougal and Fox Elementary Schools
Attended Ralston Middle School
Graduated from Carlmont High School
Attended College of San Mateo and Canada College
Projected graduation May 2013 from Notre Dame de Namur in Belmont, CA with a B.S. in Human Services and a concentration in Business Administration
Married in Florence, Italy in 2000
Became a stepmother in 2000 to Amannda
First child, Anthonny, was born in 2005
Second child, Gianna, was born in 2009
Who Am I?
Love, Honesty, forgiveness, faith, hope
My children and family
Art - oils, acrylics
Playing the piano
Learning! Learning! Learning!
Italy - visited twice, was married in Florence, plan to live there in the future
Helping others that are going through tough times
Spending time with friends
My two Bengal cats
Good food - especially Italian cuisine
Disneyland (watching the expressions on my children's faces as the magic of Disneyland embraces them)
Beliefs & Passions

Genna L. Armanini
123 Positano Drive
San Carlos, CA 94070

Email: gennaleone@me.com
Phone: 555-222-7777
Course History
Communication Skills
This is a highly participatory upper-division course in the curriculum. The approach taken in this class is humanistic and personal. This practical course deals with issues in everyday living (work, community, home) and provides a catalyst for personal growth. Although there is the expectation that you will speak in front of the class, this is not a speech course. The theory and practice of influencing thought through oral and non-verbal forms of communication will be reviewed. Becoming aware of your “self” will be emphasized and encouraged through homework assignments, class exercises and spontaneous presentations. Topics for student mastery will include platform speaking skills, basic and advanced techniques of interpersonal communication along with identification and assessment of personal strengths and weaknesses in human relations. (NDNU Syllabus, Patrick Arbore, Summer 2011)
Business Leadership
Completed many works of art
Pianist of the Year, Carlmont High School, 1991
Graduated from Carlmont High School, 1991
Bank of America, Scholarship, 1991
Religious mission to Utah, 1993
California Real Estate License, 1994
Two wonderful trips to Italy
Continued education
First hire without a degree to be a systems engineer at Charles Schwab, 1999
Three beautiful children
Going back to school as an adult
Psi Chi International Honor Society, 2012
Omnicron Delta Kappa Honor Society, 2012
I have had many personal accomplishments in life.
Listed here are the most meaningful ones.
"Never put off until tomorrow what you can do today."
Thomas Jefferson
“Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an
indomitable will.”
Mission Statement
Founded upon the values of the Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur and rooted in the Catholic tradition, Notre Dame de Namur University serves its students and the community by providing excellent professional and liberal arts programs in which community engagement and the values of social justice and global peace are integral to the learning experience. NDNU is a diverse and inclusive learning community that challenges each member to consciously apply values and ethics in his or her personal, professional, and public life.
This class was life changing and was at a time in my life where self reflection was very important. My confidence was increased by presenting in front of the class each week and discussing a wide variety of topics. It strengthened me and helped me to grow as a person.
Learning Objectives
Optimizing leadership effectiveness by understanding common leadership styles
Understanding motivations and capabilities, and finding the point where they align
Clarifying and living your values, while establishing ethical boundaries
Identifying purpose and establishing it as a cornerstone of your leadership approach
Becoming more self-aware by benefiting from honest feedback
Recognizing and overcoming personal impulses that can lead to problematic leadership behavior
Choosing the leadership style most appropriate to your authentic leadership
SMART goals:

1. Specific
2. Measurable
3. Attainable
4. Realistic
5. Timeline
Artwork - Past - Present - Future
I have been painting as long as I remember. Over the past several years with three children, work and school, it has been a challenge to find the time to paint. I plan on painting more after graduating.
To strive each day to become a stronger mother, wife, worker and educator in order that those around
me can benefit and learn from my strength that they are capable of whatever they set their mind to.
I will continue to learn more daily in order to enhance my knowledge and I will exude solid moral and ethical standards. I will always tell the truth. I endeavor
to help others with their goals and guide
them to make their dreams a reality.
All I do will be with love, forgiveness and honesty.
Completed Courses
Marketing for Non-Profits
Communication Skills
Professional Writing
Financial Management
Human Services
Professional Development
Business Leadership
Community Leadership Practicum
Professional Ethics & Social Responsibility
Social Research Methods
Managing EAPs
Women in Management
Religions of the World
Organizational Management Theory
Senior Seminar
Children's Literature
Courses in Progress
Social Research Methods
This class taught me how to research a topic from start to finish. It was the best feeling to research a topic of interest to me, get 99 people to take my survey, and turn in a 99 page paper at the end of the course. I plan to continue to research my topic as time goes on and more data is collected on the topic.
The main objective is to demystify the research process by encouraging the student’s ability to systematically investigate interesting ideas. Through a series of written assignments, an exam, a paper, and in-class discussions, proficiency in the subject matter will be demonstrated (NDNU Syllabus, Patrick Arbore, 2012)
Mission Statement
Thank your for visiting my e-Portfolio. Here you will find information about my life, my passions, educational path, achievements, career, and my goals. You will learn that education is a key part of my life and that setting goals is important in order to
get the most out of life.

“You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.”
Mae West
Inspirational Message
I first saw Randy Pausch give The Last Lecture when I was searching for information to include in a paper for Communication Skills. The full video from Carnegie Hall in 2007 was moving. This video below is shorter and gives the highlights of the speech at Carnegie Hall. The message that Mr. Pausch delivers is one that each one of us needs to take to heart in order that we make sure we all live life to the fullest, to have fun, to always tell the truth and to know what truly matters in life.
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