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Can you afford a horse?

No description

Hollie Howard

on 30 April 2017

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Transcript of Can you afford a horse?

They are easy enough animals to care for.The average price for caring for 1 horse per month is E180.
Hay and feed cost: E65
Shoes : E60
Wormer: E15
Straw: E20
Grooming & Care : E20

Can you afford a horse?
Horses are one of the most magestic animals on the planet.Their stanima and power are still used to pull heavy workloads on farms today.They 're athelthic and can gallop to speeds of 70KMH.They can jump 2 metres plus and win thousands of euro in prize money.
Can you afford a horse?
Why does it cost E180?
Horses need new shoes every 4 to 6 weeks in order for their hooves and legs to stay sound.
Horses need to be wormed once a month to prevent any infections in their gut which can damage their performance.
They sleep on straw, they eat hay and hard feed.Hard feed (Such as oats,barley ...) provides them with extra nutrients to inhance their full potential.
Feed and Care
They are easy animals to care for but they can cost alot!Next time you see a horse consider the amount of money and work that goes into them.They're an expensive animal but they are worth it.
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