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Copy of Oreo Campaign Analysis

No description

on 19 January 2017

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Transcript of Copy of Oreo Campaign Analysis

Target Market and Product Segmentation.
Marketing Mix
Legal & Ethical Issues
Success & Evaluation
Oreo Advertising Campaigns
since 1912...
best-selling cookie in USA
example of Oreo's target market
Target Market

Children & Young Adults
Aged 6 - 18 years old
Targets parents with products designed for families
Target Market
Behavioural Segmentation
Adult customers have middle class income
Purchase Oreos because they have children or they want it themselves
Adults feel nostalgic about their childhood when eating Oreos
Geographic Segmentation
live in western or westernised countries
have access to stores that stock Oreos
Oreos are successful because they have a large audience that can buy their products
example of target market
Example of a campaign targeting adults
example of a campaign aimed at teenagers

similar price of products made by the same company

cheaper for target market to purchase
Founded by Nabisco Company
Range of products
Classic blue and white packaging
Simple logo and name grabs attention
Slogan is "milk's favourite cookie"
Social Media
Popular social media accounts help connect with Oreo's audience
Develops Brand Loyalty and Customer Awareness
affective for advertising and promoting their product
example of a social media campaign
Magazine and T.V. Ads
used as main forms of advertising
seen in magazines such as New York Times and Entertainment Weekly
aired on channels like AMC & CW during prime time
Australian channels i.e 7, 8 & 9
example of a T.V. commercial
unethically promoting to children
junk food that causes health problems
contain trans-fats that are linked to heart disease
unhealthy ingredients help sell products but make a bad image
lawsuit by Stephen Joseph against Oreo
claims dropped when Oreo said they are trying to reduce fat
Reduced fat version, low calorie version and a broccoli version
Oreo's Unhealthy Ingredients
Daily Twist campaign for Oreo's 100th birthday
re-imagine pop culture through the eyes of Oreo
used news, celebrations, events, milestones to create durable social content
artwork featuring classic Oreo and sometime glass of milk
relevant and talkable & centre of the cultural dialogue
help everyone around the world celebrate the kid inside
filter the world through the playful imagination of Oreo
show the world how relevant Oreo was now, by commenting on real time happenings
platform for conversation on social media
280% increase in facebook shares and 510% increase in re-tweets
connected with 150 million people on Facebook
by the end of the 100 days, Oreo became a living, breathing part of culture and people looked at the brand in a completely new way.
available internationally
wholesale and retail
supermarkets and convenience stores
can be ordered through the mail and online at Nabisco's website www.nabiscoworld.com
good customer experience means repeat purchases and increases brand loyalty
bad customer experience has opposite effect
Psychographic Segmentation
easy going livestyle
creative with a range of hobbies
values being with kids or being one themselves
stereotypically not sporty
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