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Grammar Presentation: Present Perfect Simple

Dialogue with examples of Present Perfect tense explained

Muriel Raes

on 11 February 2012

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Transcript of Grammar Presentation: Present Perfect Simple

Present Perfect Simple I haven't seen you for a while. Have you ever been to Paris? No, I haven't. Where have you been? What have you been up to lately? I haven't finished the course yet. What have you learnt? We've studied the Present Perfect tense. Have you won the lottery or something? Present Perfect: formation = have + past participle I've/have studied
you've/have studied
he's/has studied
we've/ have studied
you've/ have studied
they've/ have studied I haven't/have not seen
you haven't/have not seen
he hasn't/has not seen
we haven't/have not seen
you haven't/have not seen
they haven't/have not seen Present Perfect: use to describe the indefinite past
for a period of time from the past until now to describe personal experience
have I finished
have you finished
has he finished
have we finished
have you finished
have they finished + - ? for the present result of a past action
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