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Copy of Newspaper Layout Seminar

No description

Jv Luna

on 22 September 2012

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Transcript of Copy of Newspaper Layout Seminar

PAGE LAYOUT Basic design principles in publication Layout is the way in which graphics, colors, illustrations, and texts are arranged and displayed in a page.
In publication design, a layout is a composed page or cover design. The layout should be
consistent. Keep
Slick &
Simple. Give prominence to the news in proportion to its importance
Avoid "Tombstoning" A good newspaper should stimulate its readers like a feeling of "love at first sight". Photojournalism is an important key to newspapers and it shows a variety on a theme. Artworks and pictures
can tell a story. Observe proper indentations.
Do not cut lead in lines just to make the article fit in the grid. Font size does matter. Always keep in mind the readability of texts and the emphasis it brings to the reader. Do not stretch your photos!
It's a sin! Also, do not distort the texts (words) just to fit in the space. Front Page layout should create interest in the issue as a whole. "It should be rich with information, but not overwhelming." Never use a posed/scripted photo. Feature page should look like it is featured - it should be entertaining. Proof carefully - more than one person should check everything. "WHAT I IF READ THIS INCORRECT?" Errors look unprofessional. Things to remember with the front pages: The most important things are placed here.
Try to communicate interest with the readers. "Don't rest when you're tired; Rest when you're done." Credits to:
http://wjpsnewspaper.blogspot.com/2008/04/good-layout-tips-and-design.html EXCELLENT
LAYOUT is emphasizing one element over another by changing the sizes and placement of objects. HIERARCHY BALANCE is equilibrium in weight of the elements is the proportion of objects to its space.
The length of articles must be considered. PROXIMITY Harmony between units.
The headlines should complement each other and the pictures should not distract the eyes too much from the text. UNITY & VARIETY
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