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Kindergarten Math Units

Introduction of the Common Core Kindergarten Math Units

Cynthia Shay

on 7 December 2015

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Transcript of Kindergarten Math Units

Kindergarten Math Units
Kinder Math
Scope and Sequence
What the heck is a Rekenrek?
Day 7 Lesson
Cynthia Shay
Mathematical Practices Activity
Jackie Wicks
by Cynthia Shay and Jackie Wicks
with the guidance and collaboration of Monica Johnson-Rock and the Math Unit Teachers Team
1st-3rd grades

Kinder Math Unit 1
Walk around and write what you think each practice mean to you
Got Dots? Day 1 Lesson
Day 8 Lesson
Got dots? Day 1
Number Talk Lesson
We are practicing kindergarten teachers just like you, and we have gone thru a huge learning curve with the transition of Common Core in Mathematics. Therefore, if there is something that we say in English that may offend you, we apologize before hand, we are very nervous as we talk in English and sometimes, it does not come out correctly. We promise you that if we can not explain a mathematical concept to you, we will use resources to do for us in the hope to teach you something new that you have not done yet in your kindergarten classroom.
For our convenience, we have a "Parking Lot" for your questions, comments, and suggestions. Feel free to write it in a post it note during our time together and we will address it before we go.
Thank you for your understanding.
Creating a Number Line
Scope & Sequence
Mathematical Practices
Kinder Math Unit 1
Structure of the Lesson
Subitizing - Got Dots?
Number Talks
Ten Frame
Line Number
Math Journals
Math Journals
Thank you!
Planning Time
Find your colleagues and talk about :
what do you like about the Kinder Math Units?
what concepts are new to you?
how do you plan to teach the Math Units?
Internet Resources
Youtube.com Rekenreks by Gwen Hancock
Youtube.com Snow Day Math Talk - The number 12 by Beth Stade
Youtube.com Kindergarten Number Line by MrRodriscoll
Youtube.com Introducing the ten frame by StoneBridgeMath
Youtube.com Amazing Math: Subitize Me! Trailer 1
Team Share Activity
What do you need to make this Math Units work in your program? Bilingual? SEI? Special Education? Transitional Kindergarten? Pre-School?
Put together a list of what you need to get from your Principal (manipulatives-beads, pipe cleaners)
Talk about the routines you need to do to make math a success.
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