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Oli Sykes

No description

Taylor Palma

on 7 November 2013

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Transcript of Oli Sykes

Oli Sykes
Oliver Scott Sykes was born on November 20th, 1986. He is 27 years old. For the first five years of his life, he lived in Australia; then moved to Stocksbridge in South Yorkshire with his parents Carol and Ian Sykes.
Oli went to high school in Stocksbridge. This is also the school where Arctic Monkey band members Alex Turner, Andy Nicholson, Matt Helders and Nick O'Malley attended. One year below Helders and Turner. Sykes enjoyed art and English during high school. Math and science were not an interest to him whatsoever.
In 2003, Oli began creating CDs during school. His name was Quakebeat. This is where Oliver first began his career. He also played with bands with kids in his high school class. His first band was "Womb 2 Da Tomb" with Matt Nichols, who is in Bring Me The Horizon now. His brother, Tom, was also in that band.
Bring Me The Horizon
Formed in 2004; front man is Oli Sykes. The band got their name from the end of a Pirates Of The Caribbean movie made in 2003. Their first album, Thirty Days Of Night, was established and made by the band. Oli Sykes on vocals, Lee Malia and Curtis Ward on guitar, Matt Kean on guitar, and Matt Nichols on drums! Visible Noise was the first record label they were on. Bullet For My Valentine is also on that record label! Their full length debut, Count Your Blessings, was published in October 2006. Released in America by Epitaph Records.
Their second album, Suicide Season, broke the U.K. charts! Unfortunately, Curtis left the band do to not liking the sound. Jonah Weinhofen was their new replacement and stayed in the band as a permanent member.
Their third album was released in 2010.
Sempiternal just came out this year. It is their fourth album.
Drop Dead Clothing
Other than being successful in his band, Bring Me The Horizon, Oli is the founder and owner of the clothing line: Drop Dead Clothing! this clothing line happens to be the most popular one in the world! Both male and female accessories are sold.
Raised By Raptors
February 1, 2013, Oliver Sykes released a book he wrote; the title was Raised By Raptors. The sketch artist for Drop Dead Clothing helped Oli with the idea of the book. A girl's shirt with her head as a dinosaur inspired him. His goal was $25,000. It took only a few weeks to reach his goal!
David Russel, UK McDonald's employee, made a fake Facebook account pretending to be Oliver. This cruel man attempted to kill a BMTH fan named, Maricar Bendicto. Russel convinced this 19-year-old to come to the UK and he somehow go her to wear a blindfold, saying he had a gift for her. He stabbed her several times. LIFE SENTENCE.
Band Feuding
Oli Sykes got into a fight onstage with the Architects' lead singer,
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