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Cherie Chan

on 16 March 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Level 2 Sliver Celebration party! BY: Cherie Chan, Karen loong,
Rachel Pang, and Rhonda Lau I think this level 2 sliver class has helped us
a lot to realize that we can have a lot of attitudes towards someone and should change
it. This really helped all of us to change our attitudes to someone we hate or maybe dislike!
IT WORKED! This was a great opportunity to learn this! So thank you to Maggie, Christy and Hali! Also thank you to all you parents for letting us come to this class The reason why we did this play is because in different points of view people will have different kinds so stories about the same thing that happen! NOW LETS PARTY!!!! AYPTE FIRST DRAMA SHOW!!!! BEFORE WE END CONCLUSION TO THE PLAY NEXT uP LET"S PLAY A GAME! RULES Well why did we even play this game? There are two dice, you have to throw to of them. One of the dice is about some of the scenarios. The other one is positive, negative. You have to say some positive or negative scenarios. Well, everyone has some negative scenarios. You may change your attitude from bad to good. Find the good things from the negative scenarios. :)
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