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First Steps to World Power

No description

Sam Schaefer

on 3 March 2014

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Transcript of First Steps to World Power

Roots of Imperialism
First Steps to World Power
Power in the Pacific
Matthew Perry opens trade with Japan
1867 US takes Midway Islands
Increase trade with Hawaii
Pearl Harbor
Economic Benefits
surplus of goods
produced more than they could sell
United States needed to expand their markets
Built large navy
Alfred T. Mahan
"Influence of Sea Power Upon History"
Foreign bases
1900-3rd largest Navy
Belief in National Superiority
Social Darwinism
"only the strong survive"
God had granted them the right
Seward Purchases Alaska
1887- William Seward bought Alaska for 7.2 million
very rich in timber, oil, and other resources
U.S. Annexes Hawaii
"to attach or add"
American planters overthrow Queen- 1893
New leader asks to join US
Increased influence in Latin America
1889 1st Pan American Conference
Pan-American Highway system
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