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My Personal Marketing Plan

No description

Caleb Johnson

on 2 May 2014

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Transcript of My Personal Marketing Plan

My Personal Marketing Plan
My name is Caleb Johnson, I am a sophomore finance and account major at the University of Mary Hardin-Baylor and this is my personal marketing plan
My Personal Marketing Plan - Caleb Johnson
SWOT Analysis
Core Competency:
My core competency is to influence others in a positive way and build relationships through my impact. I believe that by doing so I will be able to build a healthy list of clients that I am close to and understand. I also want to influence my coworkers around myself in any way possible.
My Target Markets:
Industry - Financial Planning Industry
Demographic (Multi) - Anywhere in Texas outside of a major city
Culture - Flat organizational structure where I can work close with my clients
Examples of Firms:
Morgan Stanley
Edward Jones
A&N Financial Firm
Marketing Mix:
Product - Financial Advising Service
Price - Starting at $41,000
Place - Anywhere in Texas as far south as San Antonio
Promotion - An impressive resume and past job experience
I plan to graduate from the University of Mary Hardin-Baylor in the spring of 2016 with a BBA in Finance and a BBA in Accounting. Shortly after, I plan to earn the tittle of CFP which I will use to be more competitive in searching for a job, building relationships and earning promotions. After this I plan on getting a job as a certified financial planner and advisor where I will build trust, honesty, and positive relationships with my growing list of clients. I then plan to open my own advising and planning firm where I hope to draw in past clients as well.
I would like to use my finance and accounting degrees to get a job at a firm such as Morgan Stanley or Edward Jones, helping people as a financial advisor. I would be open to earning an MBA if deemed necessary. After successfully building a strong client list, I would like to open my own personal financial advising firm. After my firm becomes successful, I would like to earn a pilot license and fly missionaries and supplies to needy countries.
Fund Management
Investment Management
Good Listener
Low Patience for Mistakes
Slow to Forgive
Hard on Himself
Set in his Ways
People with higher education
People with more job experience
Why I Chose these Segments:
I chose the industry that I did beacuse I enjoy working with finances, working with people, an understanding the financial market. I chose the demographic I did because I am a native Texan that would like to stay in the state. I chose the culture that I did because I would like to have freedom to make my own decisions without having to continuously go to my bass for permission to take curtain actions
Positioning Statement:
To customers in need of financial advise or planning I, Caleb Johnson, am a finance advisor/planner that creates a personal relationship with my clients and listens to adapt to their personal wants and needs.
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