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Cell Phone Addiction

No description

Sarina J

on 12 January 2014

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Transcript of Cell Phone Addiction

Cell Phone Addiction
By: Catherine, Maggie, Tessan, & Sarina
Signs & Symptoms
of Cellphone Addiction
Constantly checking your phone and always worrying about your twitter stats are just some of the symptoms of cell phone addiction.
Some other signs include using it in public places and never talking to people in person.
• Increasing amounts of time spent on cellphone

• Heightened sense of euphoria (feeling of pleasure) while involved in computer and internet activities

• Craving more time on phone

• Neglecting friends and family

• Feeling restless when not engaged in the activity

• Being dishonest with others

• Phone use interfering with job/school performance

Y are u sad?
I think im addicted to my phone
How do u know?
I read this
12:27 PM
nomophobia is the fear of separating from one's phone
Many people with nomophobia feel anxious if their cellphone isn't nearby and are often depressed when they are without it.
Teens react to Cellphone Addiction
Victim #1:
Possible Solutions
Teens will do WHAT
for their phones!
Below are victims of those who have risked their lives for their loved ones... their cellphones.
Two girls jumped off a bridge near Utica, N.Y, last April. One girl accidentally dropped her phone into the creek while trying to take a picture of the water.

They were safely rescued by firefighters but the phone didn't survive.
Victim #2:
A 19 year-old accidentally dropped her phone in a bag that held the trash from her fast food meal. She then dumped the bag into the trash tunnel from her apartment building.

She stuck her arms and head into the opening of the tunnel and lifted her feet.
It took the firefighters 2 hours to save.
Don't worry, they found her phone too.
Victim #3:
And then there's the boy in Hong Kong who stepped in front of (then dove under) an oncoming subway last December. He was taken from the scene on an ambulance backboard. But the phone was safe.
A father outside Seattle learned this the hard way-
last May when he took his 15-year-old daughter's cell phone in order to punish her -- and
she shot him in the torso with a

bow and arrow.
Victim #4:
the fear of


Live in the moment
-- leave your device for a while and remember that a day doesn't need to be photographed, recorded, or compared with anyone else's to make it special.
Solutions to try to end cell phone addiction are...
~ Try to turn off your phone for an hour, or hid it somewhere so you won't be tempted to think about it a lot
~Think about why you LIKE OR LOVE you cellphone so much. Also think about how you would act if you
didn't have a phone.
~ Try have another hobby of your own that
doesn't include your phone.
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