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Character Traits Through Pictures

No description

Shae Stoll

on 22 January 2015

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Transcript of Character Traits Through Pictures

Character Traits Through Pictures
All files for pictures are saved in:

shaestol837 (hdrive) > final project

amantown (hdrive) > final project

Communication Technology- Final Project Reflection
A Reflection of Character Through Photography- Shae

While working on this project I learned lots of new things about photography and taking pictures. I learned some new techniques for taking more effective photographs. I found the pictures for this assignment looked better and more effective when I took more of a close of shot and filled the frame with the subject in focus. I tried to eliminate any unnecessary elements in the background when possible. This helped to make the pictures more effective and looked better overall. We did run into some difficulties with this project when we were looking for things to take pictures of that represented certain character traits. It was also difficult sometimes to find a suitable quote that represented each picture that we took. We tried to find some quotes ahead of time and then take a picture that suited the quote. I learned some useful techniques for finding effective font and colours that stand out on the picture and draw your attention. I tried to choose neutral colours for the quote and used brighter colours for the character trait word to draw your attention to the word first and then the quote. I also aimed to keep the text, colour and placement of the quotes on the pictures as simple as possible to that it would not decrease the effectiveness of the picture itself. I learned a lot of helpful strategies and techniques while doing this project.
Journal - Character traits through Pictures
By: Amanda

While working on this project , I learned the importance of techniques in photography and editing. I learned a lot about angles and dimension while taking photos. I think the most important thing to us was to take photos representing the right character trait. Having the right quote that complimented the picture best was another important part in the project. Me and my partner came into situations such as loss of time and computer issues. But we came up with solutions for both situations which made things smooth again. Ono thing we had done was we came in at lunch to make up time which helped us tremendously. Another thing we did that helped us was to get help from others to help fix our computer problems. I have gained experience from this project and it was a big learning experience for both my partner and I.
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