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IBM Content Navigator Overview

No description

Jory Pai

on 11 August 2015

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Transcript of IBM Content Navigator Overview

ECM Content Navigator walk through
Simplification for System Administrators
Administration Simplified in Navigator
Simplification for Developers
Rapid configuration of user experience for applications
So What Did We Learn?
ICN is an amazing new User Interface
What is IBM Content Navigator?
Collaborative and Mobile ECM Experience Platform
Easy Adoption of IBM Content Navigator
Simple transition to Content Navigator
Mobile Access Content Everywhere
IBM Content Navigator is a pure HTML5, JavaScript and CSS3 experience platform with an easy to use out of the box user interface. It supports IBM repositories and third parties via CMIS, and a wide variety of platforms, app servers, and databases.

Major features of Content Navigator’s first two releases include:
IBM Content Analytics Enterprise Search
Web based administration
Mobile apps
Office Integration

IBM Content Navigator “next” candidate themes
(Target 1H 2014)

Virtual Viewer
Pure HTML5 document viewer
Offers page manipulations (re-order, split and merge)
Text searching highlights results and filters pages with results
View, annotate and redact any format supported (PDF, AFP, Word, Excel, TIFF and more)
Picture controls enable you to adjust color saturation
Configurable UI & international language support
Create new document from multiple source files and types

Partner solution: Enhanced viewing for Content Navigator


Partner solution: Informative Graphics Brava Viewer
Version 7.1 for IBM Content Navigator


Partner solution: Report mining CMOD with Content Navigator


Accessing IBM Content Manager OnDemand via Web Parts built with Navigator

IBM Business Partner Profile

Partner solution: SharePoint web parts built with Content Navigator


Support multiple content types in a single submission (HTML, MS Office, PDF, JPEG, TIFF, GIF, AFP, TXT)

Accumulate documents for output using a simple to use “shopping cart” process

Support multiple IBM ECM repositories with a single output solution (CMOD, P8, CM8)

Partner solution: Bulk output for Content Navigator

Simplification for:
Users, Administrators, and Developers
IBM Content Navigator UI
IBM Content Navigator Framework
Integrates to MS Office
Mobile "Content Everywhere"
Mobile Browser Application and IOS App
Navigator Unifies access to content
Simplification for Users
Consistency across mobile, web, and Office
Modern HTML5 Client
Use of External Data Services (EDS)
Better Enterprise search and use of facets
Visual Component Toolkit
Extend Navigator out of the box interface
Quickly build & Integrate Custom Apps
Consistent design across IBM products
Why is this important?
Why is this important?
Search across all IBM & 3rd Party Repositories
Searches, External Data Integration, etc.
Content Navigator for Case, ICA, Records, and More..
Why is this important?
Why is this important?
Deploy apps in seconds
Content also in Navigator
Easy patching due to plug-in architecture
Intuitive, web-based administration
Packaged plug-ins deliver remaining requirements
Significant development features
Work with content across devices via Worklight
MS Office integration for IBM FileNet Content
Manager and IBM Content Manager
Secure file transfer to anyone via QuickFile
ICN is the standard ECM "experience platform"
Benefits clients as a "framework" and a "UI"
Rapid custom ECM user experience development
Lowers TCO
Open standards for development
Easy to build new applications
Internal & Customer validation
IBM ECM Partner Network Adoption
Other ECM Products are adopting Navigator
ICN's simplified UI with web based admin & config make it easy to deploy
Legacy client search templates, step processors, structures, entry templates, workflows, etc all work in ICN
ICN can be deployed simultaneously with older UI's
How is this possible?
How is this possible?
Plug-in architecture, simplifies development, deployment and maint.
HTML5, JavaScript, and CS3 - no proprietary skills needed
Reusable components, mix & match in custom apps, portals, Sharepoint, etc.
Use CMIS to access 3rd party repositories, and move content without changing the UI
How is this possible?
Case Manager, DataCap, IBM Enterprise Records, ICC for SAP, etc. all adopting ICN
US based global bank no-longer building side by side viewer (using ICN instead)
Tejon Ranch (reference customer) building entire new UI using ICN
Support for Mobile
Ready to see a Demonstration?
Simplify, Everywhere, Accelerate
Nora the CFO
Add content, work with docs
-Saves Time. Simple Easy

- Quickly Involve All Depts

- Decrease Time to complete
budget milestones
- Eliminate manual steps

- Simplify routing of information
to team members.

- Reduce errors in communication
- Increase visibility in real time

- Add content to a case from
the field

- Eliminate steps in backend
- Faster access to policies

- Single view of customer

- Find patterns not usually
found with search.
Demonstration Overview
Nora CFO Creating New Budget
- Budget 100m over 5 Depts
- CY, PY, FY
Alex HR
Lucy IT
Dan Field Worker
- Current Projects
- Feedback from "Teams"
- Working from Mobile
- Providing Employee Count
- Other budget items
Alex CSR
Workflow and Collaboration
Searching and Analytics
Mobile Access
Dan Mobile
Lucy IT
Simplify, Everywhere, Accelerate
Intuitive User Interfaces
An Experience Platform
Powerful Search Engine
Document Management Features
Single Point of Access
Promotes collaboration for your work force
Reduces redundancy and increase control
Streamlines processes and decreases cost
Saves time and reduces errors
Accelerates search across repositories and increases productivity
Jory Pai
Full transcript