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Back to School Night and Beyond in Room E7

No description

Ingrid Le Clair

on 1 September 2017

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Transcript of Back to School Night and Beyond in Room E7

photo credit Nasa / Goddard Space Flight Center / Reto Stöckli
Going Global inRoom E7
Welcome to "Back to School Night!"

Team Philosophy
Classroom Environment
High expectations for all students - Differentiated instruction for all learners
Project-based learning
Character Education - Mosaic
Consistent and fair environment
Variety of learning settings: independent, partners, groups
Middle School mentality: iPad's, Binders, Switching Classes
Do your best!
Technology Integration
iPad Devices
A Typical Day

Morning work
Social Studies/Reading
Spanish (2x/week)
Silent Reading

My Family
Classroom website
Homework assignments online & in binder
First trimester parent/teacher/ student conferences
Mid-trimester reports
Trimester report cards
Monitor homework and reading (20 / 30)
Regularly check the classroom website and child’s binder
Promote self-advocacy
What you can do to help?
About me
Team Philosophy
Classroom Environment
Typical Day
Digital Citizenship
Dive Deep
What's Different in 5th Grade
Communication/What you can do to help
Prentice, Sebastian, Julien and La-La Le Clair

Ingrid Le Clair
I'm a native Californian
I have a BA in Education and a Masters in Reading Intervention
One-to-One iPad program
This is my 12th year teaching, and my fifth year at Bel Aire.
Hobbies: I love to travel, cook, and read.
Edmodo is Facebook for education
18 million teachers worldwide
What makes us different?
Reviewing and critiqiong apps
Working towards going paperless
Analyzing the future of computing and it value in our work personal space.
Click here
What's Different in 5th Grade?
No Parent Drivers
Rotations: Math / Reading /Writing / Science
Spelling Tests
Conferences: Student - Led
Monthly Newsletter (Updates)

Special Events in 5th Grade
Eureka Math

Curriculum based entirely on the Common Core Standards
Thoughtful sequencing of concepts throughout the year and across grade levels
Designed with rigor and real-world application at its core
Structured daily lesson plans
Digital Citizenship
1 to 1 iPads in our classroom
Technology offers kids great opportunities for self-exploration, creativity, connection and learning, however they may also face challenges on line.
All students at Bel Aire will be certified as Digital Citizens through Common Sense Media Lessons

Dive Deep

In March, students will get study a passion for a week instructed by a coach or “Dive Master.”

Provide a safe, positive, and nurturing environment
Encourage independence
Promote curiosity
Enhance problem-solving
Develop intrinsic motivation
Improve organizational skills
Reinforce responsibility & accountability
School-wide pilot through Winter Break
Standards-aligned for California CCSS
Naturally differentiates
Integrated learning domains
Vertical & horizontal alignment
10 school-wide topic based units
Blend of digital & print components
Assessment preparation

Outdoor Ed. /
Walker Creek Ranch

April 3-6 (date change)
Cabin Leaders need to be fingerprinted.
Parent meeting at Bel Aire - Date TBD.
Fingerprinting by Live Scan
Where to go: Marin County Sheriff’s office San Rafael or Marin City (appointment needed)
How much: $70
Form: in the back of the room
How long can it take: Anywhere from 2 days to 2 months
How many chaperones do we need? 30
Outdoor Ed
Benchmark Advance
Family Life
Begins in March
Parent Meeting: TBD
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