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unit 6 week.....

by olivia

Olivia Stevenson

on 16 May 2013

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Transcript of unit 6 week.....

comparative adjectives add er- when talking about 2
and use est- when talking about 3+
if the word has a y- in it then change it to an i. problem and solution problem and solution is when you have a problem and you solve it maps Maps:they give us direction in were we are going
Key: it tells use what something means
Compass: it tells us direction (north, east, south, and west) what is a compass dictionary definition space
1-an empty area set aside for purpose
2-the region beyond earths atmosphere
3-a period of time job application this is a job application for
Dairy Queen similes compares 2 things using like or as review week unit 6 week ...... ------------------------------------------------------------ adverbs adverbs describe a verb. They usually end in -ly example: I ran quickly,
the girl proudly smiled problem event solution this is a problem and solution chart ------------------------------------------------------------ cause and effect cause and effect is when something happens like you got 100
on your math test the effect is you're happy. write a story using cause and effect -------------------------------------------- time lines a time line is when you put stuff in order in the year you did it. what would happen next born one two three example: i ran faster than you
i am the prettiest in the class (just kidding)
does this make sense: out of my class i am the faster. ----------------------------------------------------------------- negative a negative means "no'' Example: i am NOT going to the store. ------------------------------------------------------------ fact and opinion fact: can be proven true
opinion: you believe something ------------------------------------------------------ summarize problem and solution the problem in the story is... first they tried... after that
they tried... the problem was solved when... ------------------------------------------------------------ cut here Latin roots just=right or law. Dec=ten. Semi=half. Ir= not or without ------------------------------------------------------------ suffix the word at the end of a word. example: ness- less- y- ly- full- ------------------------------------------------------------ prepositions a word that shows the relationship between a NOUN or a PRONOUN and ANOTHER WORD in the sentence.
example:under, about, for, by, with, near, of, from, over, into, after, on, into, outside example:the cliffs were AS sharp AS knifes ------------------------------------------------------------ metaphor Example: the sun IS an orange sucker idioms ------------------------------------------------------------ phrases that have a different meaning then what they sound like. example:all eyes on me you are not saying put your eyes on me. is this a idiom whats up? now you think of a metaphor is this a simile.
she sings like an angel authors perspective the authors attitude or opinion about the subject they write about.
could an author have authors perspective and have facts and no opinions??? good bye!!!!! by Olivia key now say your own sentence with an adverb what is problem and solution? does this have a negative? i am not eating mushrooms what is another definition you can think of what is this? i love pie!! what is a story you can think of that has summarize problem and solution? if it said last name would you put your first name? what does ir- mean what is a suffix? use a preposition in a sentence
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