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No description

Andrew Maresca

on 8 May 2015

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Transcript of WEST SIDE STORY

Andrew M.
West Side Story
takes place in the west side of New York City during the 1950s. It is about summer time.
The Sharks
The Sharks are a group of Puerto Rican teenagers who are the enemies of the Jets, another gang in the West Side of New York City. They are new immigrants and new to the American lifestyle. The Jets resent them because they believe that they are taking their jobs in America. The women of the Sharks are in favor of America, but the boys are not. They face much opposition in the streets by both the Jets and law enforcement.
The Jets
The Jets are another gang in the West Side of New York. They are made up of white American boys and girls. They are somewhat favored by the police because they are native to New York, and are not immigrants. They hate the Sharks because they believe they are taking their jobs and their territory. Because of this, there is much fighting between the gangs.
The conflict in
West Side Story
is that the two gangs (the Jets and the Sharks) fight over the territory of the West Side of New York City. Their fighting is temporarily paused by Officer Krupke and the police, but resumes soon after at a rumble under the highway. The conflict is also the love between Tony and Maria, who are from different gangs. They fear that they cannot be together because of the gangs hatred of each other.
Conflict Resolved
The conflict of
West Side Story
was resolved when Maria heard news that Tony had been killed. She then searches for him, and finds him just as he is shot by Chino. The two gangs come together to mourn the death of Tony and carry him off together.
Bernardo is the leader of the Sharks gang, and is also the brother of Maria. He is close friends with Chino, the eventual murderer of Tony. He is respected by his fellow Puerto Rican gang members and is very protective of Maria. He is a strong man with a sense of pride and leadership both for his gang and for his home country of Puerto Rico.
Maria is a Puerto Rican girl who is part of the Sharks gang and is the sister of Bernardo. She is set up to marry Chino, even though she does not want to. She falls in love with Tony at the dance, at Bernardo and Chinos disapproval. She is a kind and beautiful young woman who will stop at nothing to love Tony.
Tony is a white American boy who is one of the leaders of the Jets gang. He is considered handsome by many and is a smart leader. He is best buds with Riff and will do anything for him. After being a trusted member of the gang, he spends time working at Docs county store and tries to turn his life around. After rejoining the Jets and going to the dance, he falls in love with Maria. He is shot and killed by Chino at the end of the story.
Thanks for watching :)
The Jets and Sharks
Tony and Maria
The song "America" in
West Side Story
was included in the story to show both the advantages and disadvantages in the American society for Puerto Rican immigrants. The meaning of the song is that the Puerto Rican boys think that America is not good at all, but the girls think that America is great. The song also symbolizes how the American society is unfair to the Puerto Rican immigrants and how America is compaired to their home coutry of Puerto Rico.
Racism's effect on society
Racism has a very large effect on society. Because of racism, some people of a different color, nationality, or heritage may be excluded from a job opportunity or political position. Because of this exclusion, many people of one particular race may be left out of jobs and become very poor. Society can then be very unbalanced. To have a stable, well organized, and smoothly running society, people must be selected for things equally, and not left out of anything due to their skin color, heritage, or race.
Compare and Contrast
Book and Movie
Detailed descriptions of characters in both (visually and verbally)
Both have the same storyline
Both explain gangs to some extents
Both easy to find key events in the story
Easier to follow storyline in movie
Character emotions easier to understand in movie
Accurate depiction of characters in book
Easier to depict characters and what they are doing in movie
Author and Author's Purpose
The author of
West Side Story
is Aurthur Laurents. The authors purpose was to show the racial discrimination of the Puerto Ricans in New York during the 1950s. I wanted to learn how the Puerto Ricans coped with the racism and responded to it. I also wanted to learn about the American society back then.
Sharks and Jets fight in the streets of New York City
Characters introduced
Riff tells Tony to come to the dance
Tony and Maria meet at the dance and fall in love but are not allowed to be together
The gangs hold a war council to discuss a rumble
The rumble is held, Bernardo and Riff are killed
Tony walks out on the streets looking for Chino while Maria asks where he is
Maria hears Tony was killed from Doc, and finds him in the street just as he is shot by Chino
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