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Why I need an iPad

No description

Michaela G

on 5 February 2013

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Transcript of Why I need an iPad

Final Idea 2013 2009 2010 2011 2012 Arguments #3 & #4 0 + - = 9 8 7 1 2 3 4 5 6 c Thanks! Thank you so much for listening to all of
my ideas. This presentation took a lot of
hard work and really made me strain my
brain! If you have any questions on my theory, let me know before I change the slide. Drum roll, please! And the final answer is... Argument #1 Argument #2 I would split the cost with you! I have about $350. Plus, there are some big dates coming up. *Cough, cough, Confirmation* I plan to save up AT LEAST $200 more, so that I would have more of the cost. I would make sure to be generous and let Brady play with it every once in a while. Do you admit that this is a good point? It's environmentally friendly! It would take the place of a copybook (school reasons), plus if I have a writing piece due, it would fix my grammar mistakes for me! No grammar mistakes= better grades= Beta club next year. Do you admit that this is a good point? It's an "all-in-one" device!
I can draw on it, write,
type, play, listen to music,
take pictures, check my
homework, read, and text
my friends- all in one
device! Talk about cutting
back on luggage we bring
to North Carolina! Do you admit that this is a good point? As much as I love my MacBook Air, if worst comes to worst, I would part with it to help buy my iPad. However, another idea would be to keep the MacBook for Brady and I, and sell Brady's old one. Brady's old one is so slow- it takes 10 minutes just for the Internet to open! It's most logical to get rid of that one instead of the brand-new, mint-condition MacBook Air- don't you agree? Total Cost Finally, the total cost of my iPad. I
know that this is probably the most
dreaded part of the presentation. The total cost is $829+case ($50)=$879 Many 12-year-olds have iPads!
Over the past few years, the amount of 12-year-olds with iPads has sky rocketed! WHY I NEED AN IPAD Do you admit that this is a good point? It's academic! I can take notes on it and bring it to and from school. There are nearly 200,000 education-related apps for the iPad. I would make sure to never take it out when I wasn't supposed to. Do you admit that this is a good point? 10
20 2010 2011 2012 Do you admit that this is a good point? I understand that it's not something I need. Whatever you decide, I am fine with. You always try to choose what is best for me, and you have never steered me wrong before. I doubt you'd start now. "You are my beloved parents in whom I am well pleased,"
-Michaela Rose Cecilia Guerin, Sunday, February 3, 2013. iPad 3 Wi-fi, 32GB Wi-fi/
Cellular 32GB Wi-fi, 64GB Wi-fi/
Cellular 64GB $429 ----------- $599

$559 ----------- $729

$529 ----------- $699

$659 ----------- $829 Final decision Why did this get an X ? It's the same as an iPad, just smaller. Why pay less and get less? Why not get more bang for your buck? Why did this get an ? X It doesn't come in the right size. My iPad needs to have AT LEAST 32GB. It has to hold my Video Stars, notes, stories, etc. This is the winning model! It comes in 32GB and 64GB, it's regular size, it has Siri (we can't forget her!), etc. The iPad with retina display/iPad 3 is the iPad for me! Why did this get a ? iPad Mini iPad 2 iPad Mini iPad 2 iPad with Retina Display/iPad 3 (this is where you guys tell me your answer! feel free to take a few seconds to talk it over) Terms of Use Form Rosi I will accept any of the restrictions that you put on my iPad and will never complain. Oh, and I
forgot... PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE! That's all. I guess we'll go back to the drumroll. Rosi loves 1D Thank you for your answer. Your outlook on things like this is very important in me becoming a good
adult and growing up properly. I love you both! When can we stop by the
Willow Grove Mall? Haha, JK! We can go whenever you guys have time! But I would like to get my iPad before Arizona. Argument #5 Argument #6 Thank you! Gracias Merci Rosi's
iPad Final Argument! Having an iPad would make me so happy! You like seeing me happy, right?
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