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No description

Fatima Qavi

on 6 May 2014

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Transcript of Biology

Thank You!
Interview Questions

What are the major concepts within your discipline?
pre-req classes, such as bio-chem, organic chem, molecular bio, and others.
Interview Questions
What seems to be the cutting edge?
engineer chem molecular level
molecular modeling
computation chemistry
Key questions
Cutting Edge Research
Group Members: Fatima Qavi, Seth Allison, Navdeep Kaur, Andrea Deveaux, Anthony Paz, Alexia Fonseca
Concept Map
to: Dr. Jeffery Mack Chemistry Professor

What assumptions do people within his field of study make?
how rules are bound to natural laws of the universe.
What is the central question in this field?
main question is why things are the way they are?
What types of critical thinking are required for this field of study?
problem solving, logical thinking,
decision making, creative thinking.
How can you relate your discipline to daily lives?
How are Bio and Chem related?
Biology degree is hard to get
Going to the medical field with bio degree
Have to do lots of labs to get bio degree
Biology is the study of life. It is the study of all living things, from people and animals, to plants, and the environment.
A degree in biology can lead to many different careers, some in the medical field, and other a more natural environment. Not only can biology help us understand the human body, but also the environment around us and how that affects people and other living things on the planet.
Purpose of Biology
All of the concepts of biology connect with one another. The study of animals and people can lead to the thought and study of the environment we live in and how that affected the way animals and humans evolved to become what we are today. The concept of evolution then leads to the thought of survival and how medicine today helps people survive and live longer, and how the survival of more people and advancement in technology is affecting the environment. Changes in medicine are affect the environment of the planet, and vise versa.
Major Concepts
objective of studying or examining someone
Key terms: in the field of scientific method is the most important protocol for scientist to critically think and covering all the bases of anyone interested in a future health care.

Human-caused ocean acidity is dissolving the shells of marine snails, which threatens fish such as salmon, mackerel and herring.
Scavengers, such as the vulture, have been shown to play a crucial part in helping humanity. Some of the ways they aid us include locating carrion and helping to get rid of rotting flesh, which can harbor infectious organisms, quicker
Have to be really committed to obtaining a bio degree
Spend most of your time studying for bio or other related courses
Won't have time for other things such as work or social life

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Raphael, D. (2005). The question of evidence in health promotion.
Oxford Journals, 15(4),
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from the material that makes our clothes to walking. the law of conservation.
all the biological concepts are derived from chemistry.
After College...
biology is part of everyone's lives.
we always have to know what is going on with our bodies.
students go into medical field with a degree in biology and help others medically.
students can become biologists, bio professors, scientists, or ecologist.
Scientists are examining protein sequences in mouse urine and finding that it's much more complex than originally thought.
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