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influence of teamwork on company efficiency

No description

Wiaam Shanti

on 18 March 2014

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Transcript of influence of teamwork on company efficiency

influence of teamwork on company efficiency
statement of problem : how will teamwork effect on the company efficiency, beside that it will try to explore how team member interact with each other and clarify the relationship between teamwork and job satisfaction.
research objective : to clarify the importance of teamwork and the relationship with company efficiency and how teamwork improve productivity .

recherche Question ?
I. Is there relationship between teamwork and company efficiency?
II. To what extent does teamwork improve productivity?
III. Can work as a team create distinctive advantage for company?
IV. How can team member communicate with each other? How can company culture affect communication process?
teamwork:a group of people working together to achieve the same goals and objectives
why teamwork is important for company?
perform task and job quickly and efficiently .
overcome obstacle in company.
help company to be flexible and increase innovation and productivity.
This study will clarify the different types of teamwork such as task forces, cross-functional team, virtual team, self-managing.
the advantage and disadvantage for teamwork and how can create a successful teamwork.

sample taken : Jawwal and wataniya mobile.
tool used : Questionnaire , Interview , spss

Importance of the study:
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