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Affirming Diversity: Learning From Students

No description

Mayra Mendoza

on 19 March 2013

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Transcript of Affirming Diversity: Learning From Students

Affirming Diversity: Learning From Students A Redefinition of success and achievement What schools/Teachers define as success
what students define as success Pride and conflict in culture and language class discussion: What internal conflicts have
you experienced regarding your own culture and
language? Beyond Academics Keeping track
Shields Against Peer Pressure
Developing Critical Thinking and leadership
Belonging Family, community, and school environments for success Family's crucial role

Teacher's care class discussion: Describe how you define success and achievement Conflict and ambivalence
Creating new cultures
Identity and learning Class Discussion: from your own experience how have
outside school activities helped you in your education? Class Discussion: How can families and teachers help the students have a successful education? The Big Idea: Success and achievement can not be measured by any test
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