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New Jersey

Facts About NJ

on 24 January 2014

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Transcript of New Jersey

New Jersey A-Z
Sports? Well you may find your favorite in New Jersey's firsts'. New Jersey had many firsts that dealt with sports. They held the first baseball game in Hoboken, NJ in 1846. They were also the first to sign the bill of rights. They also held the first basketball game in Trenton, NJ in 1896. ("The State of New Jersey")
New Jersey if you hadn't took part in the Underground Railroad started. New Jersey had a very important role on the Underground Railroad. New Jersey churches and businesses were once hideouts for the runaway slaves. Most slaves came from the upper south and were males. New Jersey was a slave release helper they weren't agreeing with slavery. (Berris 23)
Your Here!
Thank you for taking party in my slide and learning new things about New Jersey.
I hope you learned something!
Aw the Atlantic city, life of a party! The Atlantic city located in New Jersey is called The Americans favorite playground. Its the worlds first boardwalk, built in 1780. It has beaches, carnival rides, and casino/hotels everywhere. Who wouldn't want to go? (Berris 23)
GO DEVIL'S! New Jersey's hockey team is the Devils. They stand in 13th in the Eastern conference. here most valuable player is Jarmoir Jagr. They're in a good place right now, Keep it up boys!
("New Jersey Devils)
Everyone's least favorite part. Economy in New Jersey is high. As of October the unemployment rate was 8.4. As of October trade was at 838.4. Again in October the government rate was at 628.7. Note that these numbers are in thousands. Economy is hopefully going to improve in New Jersey. ("Economy At A Glance")
What's up with gardens? New Jerseys is called the Garden State. The state got the name from a man named Mr.Browning. He Compared New Jersey to a large bucket filled with good stuff to eat. At both ends Pennsylvania grabbing one side and New York grabbing the other. Weird right, let's move on! ("The Garden State and Other New Jersey State Nicknames")

Look at those waves! Hurricane Sandy hit New Jersey from the Atlantic Ocean. The hurricane was a category 3, it lasted for 1o days and was the largest Atlantic hurricane. The hurricane developed from a tropical in the western Caribbean. At least 286 people were killed during the hurricanes time. Many will be remembered but I need to tell you more, lets not be sad!
("Hurricane Sandy")
Where are you from? Immigration in New Jersey is very high. Lots of them are foreign born arrivals. 45% of New Jerseys immigrants are Latin America. New Jersey is a big stand out for diversity of foreign born residents. Who knew the majority of them would be from Latin America.
("New Jersey Immigrants")
Aw, the beach! New Jersey is famous for their New Jersey Shore. The Jersey Shore houses 46 beaches. All these beaches believe it or not are on the Jersey Shore. The beaches are located in 4 counties. The shore is a great place for fun activities and relaxing.
("The Jersey Shore")
What was that?! The teens of New Jersey started a horrible game called "The Knockout Game". The game is teens or kids showing up and punching a stranger. The object of this horrible game is to knock the stranger out in one punch. The game has killed some citizens and the police are putting a stop to it. This game is horrible and cruel. ("Police Keep Close Eye on Reports of Disturbing "Knockout" Game.")

The New Jersey landmarks are a part of what makes them New Jersey. One landmark is Lucy the Elephant. They also house the 5th tallest lighthouse named Absecon light. They also have another lighthouse named Barnegat Lighthouse at the northern tip of Long Island Beach. Speaking of beach the Atlantic city boardwalk is next to a beach. New Jersey is one that houses many landmarks.
("Top Rated Landmarks in New Jersey")
Many musicians grew up in New Jersey. Jon Bon Jovi started in New Jersey with a band named Sayreville. Whitney Houston also grew up in Newmark, New Jersey. Believe it or not the pop band The Jonas Brothers are from New Jersey. New Jerseys music is very diverse than most other music in the United States of America. ("New Jersey Music")

New Jerseys national parks have a variety of beaches and lighthouses. They have 9 national parks all together. But they also have 56 national historic landmarks. 11 of their national parks are naturally made. National parks are great places to get away from the hectic city. ("New Jersey State Parks")

New Jersey also use many oil refineries. They have a total of 31 working refineries between 2008-2013. In 2013 they made 64,000 barrels per stream day of gasoline. But in 2012 and 2013 they made 154,000 barrels per stream day of diesel fuel. May as well say New Jersey is good at making fuel.
("Petroleum and Other Liquids")

New Jersey's production ranks are high for their fruits and vegetables. They are 2nd in blueberry production, 3rd in cranberries, 3rd in bell peppers, 4th in peaches, and 4th in head lettuce. I'd like to try a meal there sometime, wouldn't you?
("New Jersey Ranks")

Here's some quick facts about New Jersey! The estimated population in 2012 was 8,864,590! The percent of females in New Jersey was 51.2%. The approximate amount of people per square mile was 1,195.5.
("Quick Facts")
New Jerseys regions consist of valleys, mountains, and plains. They hold 4 distinct regions in New Jersey. The ridge and the valley section of New Jersey is where the Appalachian Mountains are. The Atlantic Coastal plain and the high point of 1,803ft high which is in Sussex County.
(Wacker 13)
The State of New Jersey is very interesting for its history. They were one of the first 13 states in the U.S. The capital of New Jersey is Trenton. New Jersey is bordered by New York, The Atlantic Ocean, Delaware, and Pennsylvania.
(Wacker 14)
New Jersey is full of excitement but if you plan on going somewhere you may run into turnpike toll road. Turnpike is a toll road located by Staten Island. The length of this road is 122.4 miles. The road was constructed in 1951 and its still running. The costs for this road vary on how big the vehicle is. It's a nice road that is still running.
("New Jersey Turnpike Authority")

New Jersey also has many vineyards. They house 40 plus wineries. They've won 18 silver and 38 bronze medals for the best wine. They also house 38 vineyards. They may have not won a gold medal but I bet it's good!
("Garden State Wine Growers")

The W Hotel, sounds fun doesn't it? Probably wondering what the W stands for I'll tell you now it stands for Waterfront Hotel. They have a great view of the New York City skyline and bright lights. This fancy hotel is located in Hoboken, NJ which happens to be Frank Sinatras town.
Head down and see what you think
of this waterfront hotel!
("Hoboken Hotel")

Oh Xanadu, what could that be? Xanadu is a dream mall project in the Meadowlands Mall. This dream project is going to be 4.8 million square feet of entertainment and indoor amusement park. They also are planing on making a indoor skiing slope! Who wouldn't want to go?
("American Dream Mall at Meadowlands")

Heard of Springsteen well ya' know he came from New Jersey! Bruce Springsteen was born in Freehold, NJ. He's one of the worlds most popular performers. In most of his songs you'll here him singing about New Jersey. What a great guy singing about his home.
(Berris 23)
Did you see that outfit? Culture in New Jersey is very different than most countries. They house the first native american reservation. In the 20th century immigrants from Europe began coming to New Jersey. More than 1 million of New Jerseys population is actually hispanic. What a great place in the orange sun! (Berris 23)
New Jersey's yearly weather is a l0t like New York. The yearly temperature averages between 24°F and 85°F. New Jersey is one of the warmer states. New Jersey gets a lot of rain! New Jersey is a wonderful calming place, how bout' you take a trip on over.
("Yearly Weather")
New Jersey has many zip codes how many you ask well. New Jersey has 1,988 zip codes! They start in 07001 and end in 08989! New Jersey has 21 counties which hold those 1,988. You could be one of those 1,988 zip codes, come to New Jersey! ("New Jersey ZIP Codes")

Welcome to New Jersey!
As I give you a tour of this beautiful garden state. Experience this fun as I walk you through town and further your knowledge about New Jersey. Have a great time!
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