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An ESP Manual Course for Waiting Staff: Needs Analysis and D

No description

Imelda Diaz Flores

on 12 April 2014

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Transcript of An ESP Manual Course for Waiting Staff: Needs Analysis and D

Context, Purpose and RQ's
Describe the steps taken to carry out a needs analysis which will draw the necessary information in order to take the pertinent decisions to elaborate a teaching manual in the areas that the Hotel requires English to be taught.
What are the specific needs of waiters at the Azul Sensatori Hotel in Quintana Roo regarding English Language?
What are the specific situations in which waiters need to use English at the Azul Sensatori Hotel?
What are the immediate occupational situations in which waiters need to use English?
What are the specific materials and activities that can be developed to address the waiters’ immediate language needs?

Relevant Concepts
Research Context

Four diamond hotel
AAA standards
English speakers guests
Waiting staff need to develop standarized phrases

Research Design

Qualitative or
Waiting Staff

Resource Group
Waiting Staff
Food and Beverage Manager
Quality Manager
AAA standards
Waiting Staff
Food and Beverage Manager
Quality Manager
AAA Standards
Functions of language:
writing, waiters introducing themselves, offering, asking, answering, repeating, greeting, fare welling and describing.
Description of the manual
AAA standards
Common ingredients
Cooking procedures
Limitations of the study
Directions for further research
An ESP Manual Course for Waiting Staff: Needs Analysis and Development
Imelda Díaz Flores
Background, Definition and Classification of ESP
Given by Dudley Evans and St-John &
Hutchinson and Waters
Development of
Register, Discourse, and Target Situation Analysis
Skills and strategies
Learning-centered approach
Language Issues and Vocabulary in ESP
Needs Analysis
Environmental Situation
Language information about target situation
Personal information about learners
Learners' lacks
How to communicate in the target situation
Learners' needs from course
Language learning needs
Professional information about learners
Course Design
Should the course be intensive or extensive
Assessed or non-assessed
Immediate or delayed needs
Teacher as Provider or as a facilitator/consultant
Broad or Narrow Focus
Common-core or specific material
Homogenous or heterogeneous groups or motivation
Fixed course design or flexible negotiated course design

The Role of Materials and the Design of them
Materials as a source of language
Learning support
Writers or providers of materials

Importance of grammar
Specialized vocabulary

Transcription & Categorization
Quality Manager
Food and Beverage Manager
Thank you everybody!!!
Azul Sensatori
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