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Sponsorship Presentation

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Khadijah Aldabbagh

on 6 October 2012

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Transcript of Sponsorship Presentation

Model United Nations Sponsorship Request Model UN is an academic simulation of the real United Nations where students take on roles of diplomats of countries or NGOs to tackle real topics on the UN Agenda.

Students who take part in this rewarding experience improve their public speaking, critical thinking and leadership skills all the while getting a serious dosage of fun at the conferences they attend by getting the chance to interact and collaborate with students from all over the world. What is Model UN? How can YOU contribute? as you can imagine, the costs of attending international conferences can be quite hefty on an award-winning team of students such as ours. Our opportunities to exhibit our talents on an international level have been greatly affected by our lack of finance, and so here we are seeking YOUR sponsorship. "You scratch our backs
we'll scratch yours." as our Model UN team is continuing to gain repute in the region and abroad, we could use our publicity for your benefit, in return for your sponsorship. Solution:
Sponsorship "My company can use the positive public image and PR." "My company would like to assert itself as a leader in supporting educational initiatives around the world." "My company needs some creative new ways to reach a larger market." help us
to help you Were you to sponsor us, we would be more than happy to include information about the company on our team website (www.isgdammam.org/MUN.html) List you as a sponsor in all of our Model UN publications Your Ideas Too! HOW? Feature its logo on our team shirts MUN 2013 Conferences Turkey Prague Total Conference Fee per delegate Travel Accommodation Conference MUNTR '13

Date: Mar. 5-9 PRAMUN '13

Date: Jan. 9-13 3,600 SR 11,250 SR 32,284 SR What are our costs? 8,000 SR We strongly hope to be student representatives and ambassadors of your company in this exercise of diplomacy and inter-cultural dialogue.

In a globalized world, international education is critical to fostering today’s citizens and tomorrow’s leaders. With the opportunity to actively debate international problems and interact with fellow students from around the world, we believe that these international conferences will be a uniquely valuable educational experience.

Any support you could provide would be immensely appreciated.

Thank you for your time. *based on 10 students *based on 10 students *based on 10 students *based on 10 students
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