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Animal Cell

Color & label the diagram of the animal cell.

Suzanne Fenkel

on 31 May 2013

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Transcript of Animal Cell

Cell Structure: Animal Cell Color the cell membrane dark brown. Cell Membrane- A thin layer that surrounds the cell and keeps it together, and controls the substances passing into and out of the cell. Animal Cell Structures Color the cytoplasm yellow Cytoplasm- A watery, jellylike substance that fills a cell and contains the other cell parts. Animal Cell Structures Color the nucleus light brown Nucleus- The control center of the cell, which directs all the cell’s activities.
Nuclear Membrane- A membrane that surrounds the nucleus and controls the materials passing into and out of it. Animal Cell Structures Color the golgi apparatus pink Golgi Apparatus- Packages and ships materials for cell use. Color the smooth ER light blue Color the Rough ER dark blue
(we will color the ribosomes later) Rough & Smooth Endoplasmic Reticulum –Tube-like network in the cytoplasm where substances are transported. Animal Cell Structures Color the mitochondria orange Mitochondria- Bean-shaped organelles that break down sugar to produce energy. Animal Cell Structures Color the ribosomes red Color the lysosomes purple Lysosomes- Break down food and cell wastes. Animal Cell Structures Ribosomes- Make proteins for cell activities. Cells are made up of 5 main ingredients... Animal cells have 7 main structures or "organelles" (tiny organs)... Animal Cell Structures
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