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Journalism - How do we know what's news?

No description

Hanina Osborn

on 10 April 2013

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Transcript of Journalism - How do we know what's news?

What is news? firsts
sacrfice war
freedom love/hate
life/death Dr. Christiaan
Barnard performs
the first successful
heart transplant Neil Armstrong
on the moon A mother steps in
front of an approaching
car and pushes
her child to the curb What makes the news? Hitler refuses
to withdraw
from Poland Freed POWs
are reunited
with their families Civil rights march
in Selma, Ala. Mother Teresa
in India Murder at the 1972 Summer Olympics The world mourns
Princess Diana Kony 2012
Why was this news? What did the news have to say about Joseph Kony and the Kony 2012 campaign? What functions of journalism does this story cover? Why was this news? Think about what else is news? What other stories are covered in the news? How are the stories portrayed? Is there bias? Why do we need the news? CBS Evening News with Scott ...: Who is Joseph Kony?
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