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Inventions during the Byzantine Empire

No description

Noah Carroll

on 17 December 2014

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Transcript of Inventions during the Byzantine Empire

Inventions during the Byzantine Empire
Pendentive Dome
The earliest written record of the counterweight trebuchet, a vastly more powerful design than the simple traction trebuchet was invented by Niketas Choniates. This invention took place in 1165. It was very revolutionary for war during the Byzantine era.
Ship mill
A ship mill is a type of mill powered by running water for milling corn and grain invented in 1184. Ship mills are not often used today, however there is a ship mill in Baltimore that uses a special conveyer belt to scoop floating debris.
The concept of throwing fire as a weapon has existed since ancient times. Early flame weapons date from the Byzantine era. It is said that the inventor was Kallinikos which occurred during year 673 A.D
a pendentive is a construction solution which allows a circular dome to be built atop a rectangular floor plan. The Hagia Sophia was the first to use this method for the Byzantines felt that it was beautiful. This form of architecture was created by Isorodus the Younger in 563 A.D.
Grenades were a huge military impact during the Byzantine era. We personally feel that the grenades were the most important invention because it was the first step in modernizing war tactics. This Grenade helped kill the foes by exploding gun powder inside clay casings that were time from the second that you lit the wick and usually took about 12 seconds before the grenade went off. This modernized technology is used today in every military around the world and today it has a larger blast radius in this sense meaning that the grenade is eligible to kill more than just one person.
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