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Adrianna Harris

on 12 October 2015

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Transcript of STATION ELEVEN

Creative Response
Creative Response
Plot Diagram
Total pages = 333
The book "STATION ELEVN, has many different types of themes, but there's one theme that stands out the most.The theme I Choose was,"How art makes us human." In the novel, the world had been torn or destroyed by a deadly pandemic, a disease that has the ability to whip or exterminate 99% of the human population. "We have admitted over two hundred flu patients since this morning "Hua said", 15 of them have died."(Pg.20) "I just saw a patient, she works as on orderly here at the hospital, she started to feel sick in few hours into her shift, If you get exposed to this, your sick with in hours.," (Pg 20) The Georgian Flu created chaos, leading to people that are not only dieing, but massacred those they thought were ill.But after the chaos and destruction, a group called the Traveling Symphony, join together to spread art and music to survivors. The Traveling Symphony continues to dedicate, to pursue this in the horrible wasteland, that the world they live in would one day bring people the idea of hope, that one day in the future that the world will pull through. In way, it's explains to the reader that art will always survive under all the disaster, and chaos that may occur,and id art can survive, what may say that humans can't linger on existing. Art gives human the meaning of life.
Kristen Raymond, an 8 year old actress playing a in a role as one of Lear's daughter as a child. We meet kristen 20 years later into the future, where there's no such thing a countries, nations, or states. Kristen is part of the group called The Traveling Symphony, that roam form town to town in areas around the shores of Lakes Huron and Michigan. At each stop, they put on a performance of Shakespeare plays to audience in town. Kristen had a favorite line from Shakespeare "Survival is insufficient.", and at the age 15, she had worn it, tattooed on her left forearm. Though her memory of her own mother's face and of the days when such things as kristen has always remembered, to the point of obsession, Arthur Leader. Kristen had made a habit of searching any printed matter she happens across for articles about him "But she remembered Arthur Leader, and after that first sighting she went through every magazine she could find in search of him. She collected fragments, stored in a ziplock bag in her backpack. A picture of Arthur alone on a beach, a picture of him with his first wife Miranda, and then later with his second wife Elizabeth, and then the third.," (Pg 40-41). Twenty years have not dimmed Kristen's passion for the comes or her curiosity about her creator, idenfifed only by the initials of M.C.
The photograph I have selected to represent my book "Station Eleven," that I have been reading for the past month and half, is society that has been corrupted , destroyed by the likely hood of a dangers deadly disease and humanity panic rage to survive from death that spread out through the nation rapidly, killing over 99% of the human race. The photograph explains how deserted the world is, how unhealthy,unsafe, and damaged the environment is. From the book "Station Eleven" one part of the book explains when the Traveling Symphony group, are passing through a town, which once used to be so cheerful and happy, with crowds of people,yelling, cheering, clamping, to here the group perform their music and art, but now looks run down, empty, gloomy, and abandon, but few people stayed and survived the tragedy of the disease.
Section 2,chapter 11-12, got my attention the most and made it seem very intriguing to read. Chapter 11 discuss with Kristen and Sayid performing on stage "A Midsummer Night's Dream." During the performance it revealed that Kristen had a sizable scar on her cheek and I questioned "How or When did she get that scar?" That made my mind wonder or hypothesis how Kristen got that scar on her face. Chapter 11 highlights that "A Midsummer Night's Dream" was likely written in 1594, after two years of the plague. It also highlights the tragedies in Shakespeare's life, like when he lost his only son, and how Shakespeare was the only child of his parents to survive infancy.
Section 2, chapter 12 begins with a ovation of the performance of "A Midsummer Night's Dream." At the conclusion of the ovation a young man rises and addressed the crowd he's that prophet, speaks to his people about how the great pandemic was a cleansing, just as the 1918 flu had cleansed the sins of WWI. Theses section of the book intriguing
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