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A Soul A Star

No description

Cierra Negron

on 18 April 2010

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Transcript of A Soul A Star

Every Soul A Star Characters Ally:Likes the simple things in life,Labyrinths,stargazing,and comet hunting.She lives on Moon Shadow Campground , She can't imagine her life any other way. Bree:Is the popular,beautiful girl and future Homecoming
queen,Bree uses her looks as a disguise.But what is she trying to keep hidden? Jack:Is an awkward child,he's used to spending most of his time alone.But when he gets a chance to change,he gets into some situations he wasn't ready for. Each of these three strangers meet at the Moon Shadow Campground,they all knew they were going to see a Total eclipse, but what they didn't know was that each of there lives would be changed internaly and externaly forever. When Ally's parents decide to handover,the campground to Bree's education obssesed parents,would Bree still have the chance to be the aspiering model she always planned to be?
Will Ally survive the outside world beyond Moon Shadow?
Will Jack's mom find step dad number 5? Moon Shadow Campground is
a campground where, you learn about other galaxy's and Stars, anything Solar..
A place to gather your thoughts,the perfect place to view the Total solar eclipse.
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