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Elkader Riverfront Development

April 26 Public Presentation

Jason Valerius

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of Elkader Riverfront Development

Double click anywhere & add an idea Project Team Riverfront Improvements Menu Upper Dam Lower Dam Riverbanks
River Access Flooding River Access Improvements Downtown Riverwalk Fishing and Fish Habitat Canoe Route through Elkader Whitewater Recreation Flood Mitigation Visitor Center Pedestrian Bridges Park Development Existing Conditions Elkader Riverfront Development Conceptual Planning

Public Meeting
April 26, 2010 Jason Carey, P.E.
RiverRestoration.org Eric Thompson, P.E., CFPM
MSA Professional Services, Inc. Ken Saiki, ASLA
Ken Saiki Design Preliminary Cost Estimates POTENTIAL ELEMENT ESTIMATED CAPITAL COST

River Access Points $85,000 each, $225,000 total
Riverwalk - Lower Dam to Keystone Bridge $425,000
Riverwalk - Keystone Bridge to Upper Dam $325,000
Riverwalk - Upper Dam to North Take-Out $275,000
Riverwalk - North of North Take-Out $150,000
Riverwalk - South of South Take-Out $175,000
Pedestrian Bridges $560,000 each, $1,120,000 total

Lower Dam Whitewater Modifications $610,000
Mid-Point Whitewater Feature $850,000
Upper Dam Whitewater Modifications $1,160,000
Lower Dam Whitewater Amphitheater $590,000

Upper Dam Repair $470,000

Turkey River Visitor Center $850,000

Flood Berm Relocation $950,000
Flood Berm Modification $730,000
Highway 13 - Increase culvert Capacity $660,000

Clermont, IA
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