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Expanding Your Vocabulary ppt.

English 11; By: Camille, Kim, Jannette, Khamille, Tasha, & Mike

Derya Bozdogan

on 2 May 2013

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Transcript of Expanding Your Vocabulary ppt.

By: Camille, Kimberly, Jannette, Khamille, & Mike Expanding Your
Vocabulary Mini-Quiz! Any questions? We hope you enjoyed this
presentation! \v-lü-m-ns\ Voluminous (adj.) The new shampoo commercial
claims to give girls with fine,
thin hair VOLUMINOUS hair. -of great volume Venerable (adj.) \ˈve-nər(-ə)-bəl\ -commanding respect Having coached the football team for more than fifty years and having twelve state championships during that time, Coach Towers had a VENERABLE air about him that made kids want to play as hard as they could for him. Wane (verb) \wān\ -to decrease in strength The moon WANES, or shrinks, with each cycle. It is such a beautiful and mysterious process. -to obtain by artful persuasion Wheedle (verb) \hwē-dl, wē-\ Her beautiful face and friendly smile helped her WHEEDLE for the position for the council. Want (verb/noun) \ˈwänt\ -a sense of lack or need of something. His baby is just twelve days old and wakes up every hour at night; it is clear that he is suffering from a WANT of adequate sleep. Venal (Adjective) \ˈvē-nəl\ -originating in, characterized by, or associated with corrupt bribery Able to be bribed, the lawyers at the firm are about as VENAL as they get. Payoffs and bribes are regular occurrences. Unerring (adj.) \ən-er-ing\ -Undeviating accurate Her UNERRING sense of direction always gets her to the right place even if she has never been there before. -to weaken; or ruin by degrees Undermine (verb) \əun-dər-mīn\ Although she feared it might UNDERMINE her efforts to train him, Sally let her puppy jump onto the couch with her. -to clear of suspicion; to provide support for Vindicate (verb) \vin-d-kāt\ The movie “In the Name of the Father” is the story of the
VINDICATION of an Irish man locked away in prison for a crime he didn’t commit. -wordy Verbose (adj.) \veər-bōs\ The teacher’s verbose explanations were so long that I could not stay focused, and I always left the class wishing he would explain the concepts succinctly. Witticism (noun) -a witty remark or sentence \wi-tə-si-zəm\ Will Rogers was famous for his WITTICISMS about American life. Volatile (adj.) \ˈvä-leə-teəl\ -evaporating rapidly; easily
change The VOLATILE stock market is not a place for the weak heart. One day, the stock market is up two hundred points, the next day it is down twice as much. Truculent (adj.) \treə-kyeə-ləent\ -fierce; savagely brutal The TRUCULENT dictator tortured the
innocent citizens of his town simply to
entertain himself. Unintelligible (adj.) \eəninteləejəbeəl\ -not capable of being understood Marko’s typically hard to decipher spoken English was downright UNINTELLIGIBLE after he had had a second glass of wine. Vagrant (noun) \vāgrent\ -a person who wanders; begs The new mayor is works hard to decrease the number of VAGRANTS in the city; she thinks that the sight of the people begging in the streets makes the city less appealing to visitors. -lacking or having lost life Vapid (adj.) \ˈvapid\ Even before the first lecture was over, Alexa had grown tired of her professor’s VAPID teaching style and had nearly fallen asleep. -to waver in mind or opinion Vacillate (verb) \vaselāt\ My parents have a tendency to VACILLATE on big decisions; one moment they are leaning one way and the next moment they are leaning the other way. Vacuous (adj.) \vakyoos\ -empty; lacking in ideas The beauty pageant candidate's VACUOUS answers to the interviewer's questions showed clearly that she knew nothing about politics. Veracity (noun) \vrastē\ -truthfulness It is impossible to test the VERACITY of his statements; we will never know for sure if he was telling the truth about being Bon Jovi's best friend in middle school. Vague (adj.) \vāg\ -not clearly stated or expressed Because the assignment was so VAGUE, I really was not clear as to what I was supposed to be writing. -painful or resentful awareness of an advantage enjoyed by another joined with a desire to possess the same advantage Envious (noun) -indicate the faults of (someone orsomething) in a disapproving way Criticize (verb) -directly, firmly, and explicitly stated Express (adj.) -a settled way of thinking or feeling, typically reflected in a person's behavior Attitude (noun) \en-vē-es\ The family was ENVIOUS of their neighbors'
big house. \kritesīz\ We need to learn from the experience rather than criticize it. Heather Collins is the most popular girl in her high school. She became the cheerleading captain for her team in her 2nd year and all her team mates were ____________ of her ______________ hair. Her team mates were ____________ and ________ that she can make them do anything. She was the boss. That being the only daughter of the owner of the biggest company in the state, she always gets what she wants. She always went shopping for clothes and food. Shopping _________ her to do her homework. In fact, her closet is so full that she is _____________ every morning; taking a long time to decide what to wear. It is very easy to believe anyone would question the __________ of such a dishonest and disrespected person, such as Heather. She, with ____________ judgment of people can be surprised of what people say to her too. She has the ability to _____________ money out of her parents and buys whatever she wishes to. All the students always made ____________ comments about her because of her bad image. Her ____________ about her ___________ everyday made the people, who do not know her well, ____________ her true ability and real character. She can sometimes be ______________ and would make people ____________. She hates her ___________ classmates, due to the fact that they were around school so much. Also the fact that they were poor. Her classmates complained about how very ______________ Heather is because they had a hard time dealing with her very talkative manner. The whole time Heather was like that, was because, her parents didn’t have time for her at all. She __________ attention and time with her parents. What others don't know is that she's dating the most _____________ guy in the school. Her mind is very ____________ that she can't choose between her boyfriend and friends. The truth is that Heather isn’t as perfect as everybody thought she was. Her boyfriend was ______________ when it comes to things, and everyone ___________ him for that, but he's the only person in the school who understood her. She had always wanted to vindicate herself from all the people who criticizes him. Sometimes she feels __________. She doesn't know how to really __________ herself to him, or all the others. One day, she became wane. She started to feel more tired then ever. She and her boyfriend decided to go on a secret date, far away from where they lived. She wanted to show veracity to her boyfriend. To express how she really felt. She didn't expect anyone from her school to actually see them at the new park that was miles away. She got so scared, and decided to call off the date. People started to find out about their relationship, and gave more vacuous comments. All she wanted was to get venerable friends. Time went by, and she started to think about how she was towards others. They were treating her the way that she treated them. As more time passed, she decided to move on and not care about what others thought. She decided to introduce him to her parents. Her parents showed venerable feelings towards him, and accepted it. Assessment: Cloze test
attitude, criticize, envious, express, wanted, vapid, unintelligible, vague, undermine, volatile, wheedle, vacuous, witticism, truculent, vindicate, vagrant, verbose,voluminous , venerable, venal, wanes, vacillating, veracity, unerring Word bank: \ik-ˈspres\ She expressed her feelings toward the boy she liked. \ˈa-təe-ˌtüd\ They are planning a new campaign aimed at children to try to change attitudes toward violence in the home. What is a want? a. Something that is expensive. b. a need for something c. something that is not needed Answer... B. What does voluminous mean? a. a type of shampoo b. the highest setting on a t.v. c. something of great volume Answer... C. Define venerable. a. the act of being weak. b. commanding respect c. needing respect Answer... B. What does wheedle mean? a. to obtain by artful persuasion b. a big needle c. the act of tricking someone Answer... A. What does wane mean? a. cycles of the moon b. to decrease in strength c. to increase in strength Answer... B. Mini-Quiz! Define venal.
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