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Human Centric Lighting

Values of lighting beyond energy efficiency

Vicenç Moliné

on 16 June 2015

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Transcript of Human Centric Lighting

Human Centric Lighting
Values of lighting beyond energy efficiency
Lighting has been used to
perform (visual) tasks
create a pleasant ambiance
But we can go beyond
mood, cognition & alterness,
body clock and sleep-awake behaviour
pRGC with
Photosensitive retinal
ganglion cells

Non-image-forming centers of brain
Image-forming centers of brain
Man masters light...
but... our light hygiene is poor
...too little light
in daytime
...too much light
by night
Circadian misentrainment
(desynchronized body clock, similar to jet-lag)

Problems with sleep & alertness

Compromised mood, functioning,
well-being and health….
Healthcare &
Elderly care
Smart cities
Helps to get ready for the day
Supports alertness and concentration
during lessons decreasing fatigue
Improves sleep (duration & timing)
and thus learning
Can support relaxation and reduce stress
Workplace Lighting
Adjusting brightness and blue content
to higher or lower levels
Timing adjustments across the day
Healthcare Lighting
Treating depression
Elderly care
Domestic Lighting
Dawn simulation in the early morning
Throughout the day
In the evening
Dawn simulation in the early morning
Reduces sleep inertia & enhances daytime well-being and cognitive performance

Throughout the day
Blue enriched light can alert

Light can support concentration, activity and well being

In the evening

Light dimming and reduced blue content can help to relax and supports sleep

Smart Cities & Lighting
Ensuring sufficient visibility
Light at night must be handled with care
Encourage activity/recreation
Ensuring sufficient visibility,
Encourage activity/recreation
(pedestrian and cyclist),
Light at night must be handled with care,
higher perceived safety, reduce criminal activity

enhance atmosphere, social life & well-being in cities

not to disrupt sleep and health

Thanks for your attention!
Grant agreement nº 619249
Accelerate SSL Innovation for Europe
Enabled by the discovery of a novel

Use cases

Economic value


Use cases
Better light hygiene,

the right light at the right time & place for better well-being
Lighting in education
Adjusting brightness and blue content
to higher or lower levels
Treating depression
Bright light can treat depression;
by itself or as an adjunct therapy
Reduced therapy times and capacity requirements
Elderly care
Integrate dawn simulation into lighting to support wake-up
Relaxation support by dimming lights and choosing warmer colour tones
Adjust brightness and spectrum for optimally supporting
alertness, vitality, cognitive performance,
concentration, attention

environmental appraisal

good sleep at night (duration & timing)

Balance acute effects (alertness, activity) & longer term effects (regulation of sleep/wake cycle & body clock)

Improved output and error rates of repetitive work steps and biorhythm adjustment for nightshift workers

Timing adjustments across the day
Extra daytime light improves sleep, alertness, body clock stability and neuropsychiatric behaviourn in dementia
Timing adjustments across the day
Small market in 2013 already, despite limited public awareness
Major applications 2013:
Care of the elderly at home and retirement homes

Leading-edge commercial buildings

Hospital installations
Human centric lighting can be
a multi-billion-euro business in Europe
Total market size
2020: €21 bn

Indicated chart values until 2017 are for scenario with high growth
Source: A.T. Kearney "Light and Health" market model

European market for Human Centric Lighting – conservative scenario

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